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How to Make Money Online Using Google Ads in 2022-23

Google Ads

What is Paid Search?

With Google Ads, Google’s online advertising platform, you can develop online ads for audiences who are interested in the goods and services you have to offer. They will watch the ads and take needful initiatives to fulfill their requirements. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the basis of the Google Ads platform, meaning you must pay each time a visitor hits your advertisement. In short, it is a platform for paid searching.

Why should people use Google Ads?

The Enormous Reach of Google

Using Google ads has various utilities. Google has brought the entire world into our cosy parlour. Nowadays, Google is a verb rather than just a brand. In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “Google” is defined nicely. That’s why, nowadays, when individuals have a query that has to be answered, their first visit is to Google to find reliable and satisfactory answers. Every year, the search engine processes around 2 trillion searches like these. That amounts to more than 5 billion queries per day.

Among them are individuals seeking the concerns that your company can remedy. They probably Googled the solution to something if they’ve ever used the internet. With your relevant ads, they’re more inclined to choose you over your rival if you can assist them in finding the answer.

The Ability to Target in a Plethora of Ways

Every company and potential customer can find something on Google at every level of the buying process. You can reach potential customers just beginning their product inquiry by bidding on broad keyword search terms like “accounting software,” which will enable you to fill the top of your funnel using two incredibly straightforward yet effective strategies.

Use your post-click landing page to collect their contact information, then start giving them informative information that establishes your authority. Utilise retargeting tools to keep the consumers returning if they don’t convert for the first time.

Plan Your Ads According To Your Budget

Google permits the advertisers to plan and run their ads according to their budgets. Some companies may have to spend hundreds of dollars to acquire a lead, and some keywords may be costly, but the majority of keywords don’t require as much. And even if they do, utilising Ads can allow you to set limits on your daily budget, maximum bids, and other factors. In this manner, you may be sure that even if you aren’t constantly checking your account, you’ll never spend more than you are willing to.

Obtain Speedier Outcomes Compared to SEO

The majority of frequently viewed websites still rely heavily on search engine optimisation. Still, it may take years until one of your pages appears in the anticipated top rank for a broad keyword search term. Some firms won’t see it. You can receive the results immediately, without further delay using Google ads. As a result, to avail quick leads and conversion for your business, Google ads are your one-stop destination.

Here are a few unique strategies to stand out from the crowd in 2023

What is Paid Search?

Construct Relevant Landing Pages

It may sound apparent, but you frequently click on an advertisement to land on a landing page and have no idea how the information connects to what you clicked on! People are time-constrained, so if they demonstrate intent, they want to click through to a page that is pertinent to what they’re looking for or offers a solution to a problem. Hence, the landing page’s content should be optimised properly, and it is part and parcel of Content Marketing Services.

Moreover, as PPC is paid for the search, ensure your landing pages are relevant to the material you’re promoting. It means they should reiterate the arguments stated in the ad, connect with the keywords used, and convey a clear message and an excellent call to action. It is all about how to optimise PPC campaigns. 

Your click-through and conversion rates will increase while your CPC will decrease if you keep your keyword, ad wording, and landing page consistency. All these are needed for an excellent PPC performance.

Employ Ad Extensions Properly

Good PPC services also include ad extensions. Google provides specific ad extensions that enable you to add more details to your text ads. Marketers often ignore these extensions, but since they are quick to set up and can enhance your ads, they are worthwhile. They cost nothing more and are shown immediately beneath your description.

To start, you can highlight particular goods or services together with their prices by using price extensions. They offer a brief overview of your merchandise and links to the items on your website. You can also use price extensions to draw attention to a free offer or gift.

Message extensions can be added to give people a convenient means to contact you with queries. When someone chooses to utilise this method, it costs the same as clicking, but because it is an immediate interaction, it is worth it. Add extensions are very much beneficial to PPC optimisation. Make sure your Google Ads quality score remains at its highest level, however, if you want to increase your ad’s efficiency.

To extend your callouts, use the scheduling option. It works nicely if you have a short-term promotion or even want to experiment with different callout extension phrasing. Besides, based on the particular day of the week the searcher sees your ad, you can configure it to suit things like expected delivery dates. You can have this addon disappear on the weekends if you mention a live chat that is only available during the week.

Don’t Forget To Employ Negative Keywords

Search engines make an effort to offer the best matches for each query. Unfortunately, that frequently includes insufficient matches. If you are paying per click, you don’t want to fall on the list when someone searches for something unrelated to your offer. You continue to pay even if they decide to click your advertisement.

In this case, the use of negative keywords can assist you greatly. If you use negative keywords appropriately, you can avoid paying for useless clicks that cost you money. When you employ negative keywords, Google enjoys it and will give your advertising a higher rating. In addition to avoiding paying for clicks that lead nowhere, this strategy improves your rankings and lowers your PPC costs.

Utilise Various Bidding Techniques to Increase ROI

Google has developed diverse bidding techniques to suit your purposes satisfactorily and, at the time, save your pocket. Different bidding strategies have additional objectives. The ads strategists’ role is to employ them to earn money online effectively.

Google advises CPC bidding if you want to increase website visitors.

To increase brand exposure, Google advises CPM bidding, which stands for “cost per thousand viewable impressions.” You decide how much you’re willing to spend to ensure that 1,000 people see your advertisement in its entirety while using this method. It’s not accessible anywhere else but the Google Display Network. Google also enables online businesses to use other advertising techniques, such as video marketing and Google Shopping ads.

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Google encourages advertisers to use CPA bidding when a company wants to focus on conversions like sales or sign-ups.

Likewise, if increasing brand awareness is your top priority, more viewers will see your advertisements.

If conversion or a click is your desired outcome, you may place a bid on it, and Google will display your advertisement to those who are more likely to convert rather than show it to the public.

Operate Your Ads On The Top of The Funnel

When it comes to searches, the sales funnel gives opportunities at both ends. Most people who bid on keywords seek terms that emphasise buyer intent. These higher commercial intent keywords might be extremely costly as well. However, you can utilise keywords to entice people to visit your site even if they are unlikely to convert immediately.

It allows you to introduce your business and services to new customers. It works effectively as long as you can capture and nurture these visitors via the funnel.

Infographic of Money Making Tips with Google Ads

Keep Up Your Organic SEO Strategy

Organic results essentially represent organic rankings. You must maintain a solid SEO strategy to gain organic ranks with high-quality content. Choosing the appropriate keywords is also vital to moving up the ranks. You can gradually gain traction by coordinating your PPC advertisements with your organic content as Google begins to appreciate the content you offer between your ads and organic content.

Be Creative in Your Ads

Your Google advertising need not be monotonous. You can use creativity to create advertisements that could go viral. Either you use more specific, longer-tail keywords with lower search volume, or you do your homework and opt for industry-related events like conferences or events. A video is an effective tool for Google AdWords, so incorporate it into your content marketing strategy and monitor its effectiveness. You’ll find the right audience and have the chance to inspire and astound them with your originality.

Employ Geotargeting in The Ads

Focus on targeting specific places to increase the effectiveness and precision of your paid advertisements. With the help of geotargeting, you can allocate your funds where your target audience is and consider geo-targeted bids based on the season or the weather.

To Sum Up

Optimising Google Ads to earn good conversion and better ROI is an enormous possibility. There is ample scope for businesses to earn handsomely if they run google ads with adequate knowledge and expertise. In short, Google Ads is one of the remarkable digital marketing services.


Frequent Asked Questions

What is a good monthly budget for Google Ads?

Based on your advertising objectives and the typical daily budget you are comfortable with, you select an average daily budget for each campaign when using Google Ads. You can get some tools to assist you in this from Google Ads. If you're just starting off, try setting a daily budget of $10 to $50. After establishing a fresh budget, check your account daily to see how your advertisements are performing. You may increase your budget at any time you desire.

Can Google Ads be profitable?

Google Ads can also be used to generate a respectable income. You may generate thousands of dollars per month if your website receives the right amount of traffic, visitors, and content. You can't just expect to place Google Ads on your website, kick back, and watch the cash flow in.

How long does Google Ads take to be profitable?

A productive Google ad campaign will flourish over the course of at least three months, and it will take another four to twelve months for it to become a powerful campaign.

What is the difference between Google ads and PPC?

Google Adwords is Google's pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that enables companies to place bids on keywords in order to have their ads appear in Google search results. When using Google Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement to visit your website or give you a call. Thus, PPC is a model of Google Ads.

How much do Google Ads pay?

The average return from Google ads is $2 for every $1 invested. Thus Google ads offer a profit of 200%.