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We are the leading social media marketing agency to improve your brand loyalty with the right social media marketing plan and campaign monitoring.

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Social media marketing is an amazing way for businesses of every size and domain to connect with potential customers. Social media marketing agency help businesses to bring remarkable results in the form of increased traffic and revenue.

Consumers discover, learn, follow and shop from brands available on social media. Social channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn offer a powerful platform for businesses to market their products or services and create devoted brand advocates.

FloatingChip is the leading social media marketing agency that helps you promote your story on the right platform. Our social media services include SEO, email marketing, influencer marketing, and more. We help you create and manage top-performing social media campaigns.

We staff dynamic social media experts to help businesses reach their marketing goals. Our social media marketing agency offers comprehensive digital marketing services. That’s why we smartly intertwine those to support your social media efforts.

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Social Media Marketing

Our experts create and manage top-performing and engaging social media campaigns.

Web Development

We create, publish, and promote content for improved web traffic and engagement.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO gurus get you more website traffic, more customers, and online visibility.

Content Marketing

We help you offer the solutions that your potential consumers are searching for.

What Are Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing services are part of digital marketing services that leverages the power of leading social channels. It helps businesses to achieve marketing and branding goals. However, it’s not as simple as just creating an account and start posting.

The best social media marketing strategy involves evolving practices with measurable goals. It includes maintaining and optimizing social media profiles. Posting stories, pics, and videos, representing your brand to attract more customers.

You must respond to comments, shares, and likes—that help to build trust and monitor your reputation. Following and engaging with followers, influences, and consumers to create a community around your brand. Social media advertising also includes paid advertising.

Our top-notch social media marketing services include campaign planning, post creation, and distribution. We provide details reports and analyses so that you view your standing and potential growth. Our social media advertising packages are affordable and exciting.

Our social media experts offer customized services that are based on your needs. We upturn every stone to help you reach your goals. Our team of social media specialists knows how to create compelling social media campaigns for more leads.

Benefits of Hiring Social Media Marketing Agencies

Social media channels are an effective way to promote brands and generate leads. Here, social media marketing agency play an essential role for businesses. Here is how they help businesses:

Human Touch to Business: Social media marketing services turn your business into an active market participant. We offer Meta Ads and advertise for your advertisements. Our digital marketing strategy keeps your profile engaged and creates approachable campaigns for customers to make connections easily.   

Drive More Traffic: We devise innovative social media marketing strategies to drive more traffic. Our experts create and manage engaging posts. That enables you to convert visitors into customers. 

Generate Leads & Customers: We employ social media strategies to generate more leads and conversions directly on social media platforms. We include a call to action feature in social media ads.

Increase Brand Awareness: Our social media campaigns allow you to build visual identity across leading social media platforms. We help you build the trust of your customers within social media networks.

Build Relationships: Our social media marketing services allow you to build direct or indirect communication with your potential customers. We create a pool of engaged audiences interested in your business. Also, contact us for affordable local SEO services.

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The Best Social Media Advertisement Platforms For Businesses

Social media marketing agencies help you build a reputation across leading social media channels. Our experts creatively utilize digital marketing efforts to bring you more business. Some major social media platforms are:


Facebook is one of the largest and leading social media platforms globally. Moreover, it offers one of the biggest business directories to consumers. People of every age group use this interactive platform to build connections, friends, and purchases. The platform offers groups and forums for people to participate and share their views. Moreover, these groups help Facebook users to find the nearest business and follow brands. Our social media marketing agency specializes in Facebook ads and Meta ads. We assign a dedicated Facebook ads manager to advertise for the advertiser. We run, create and manage ad campaigns. Our experts help you build a healthy engagement with your potential customers. That allows you to get more leads and, finally, positive conversions.

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Many people think YouTube is not a social media platform. However, it has all the features that make it one of the engaging social media platforms. You can strategize, create and post content to your channel. Even it allows you to like, comment, and share. Moreover, you get a curated feed to your homepage and recommended videos. Our social media services never overlook YouTube. And it must include in the social media marketing services. It helps businesses to provide information about products and services. Our experts help you with YouTube content creation to build brand awareness. Besides that, we track the performance of every video. YouTube is an amazing platform for creating brand awareness and content marketing.

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Instagram was introduced after LinkedIn and Twitter. But, it took just a few years to surpass both of them. The platform amazingly reached one billion monthly active users in 2018. Users love the platform for its diverse content formats. That includes Stories, Lives, Reels, Feed posts, and IGTV. Individuals use Instagram to follow influencers and brands. It helps them support their personal values and habits. We help you create Instagram Bio so you can use it for shopping, influencer marketing, and generating content. Instagram is an essential aspect in our social media marketing services packages. Our digital marketing experts use Instagram marketing to increase brand awareness. It’s time to hire leading social media agencies.

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LinkedIn can be a professional network, but still, it's an inspiring community that shares values, professionalism, and learning. The platform offers fantastic ways to find prospects and share industry thoughts. In addition, it can be used to express company culture and build your personal brand. The LinkedIn Company Page Feature offers tons of advantages. Our experts help you build a professional LinkedIn page. It allows you to attract top talents and connect with partners, peers, and customers. We also help you share the company insights and culture and post industry insights. Besides that, we have you build your Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat accounts. However, in many countries, TikTok has been banned recently because of some issues.

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The Popular Social Media Advertising Services We Offer

Our social media management services include the latest trends and techniques. Here are some of the popular social media services we provide. 


Content Creation

We undergo extensive research to craft social media strategy specifically for your business. Then our skilled experts create content for your social media platforms. The amount of content creation depends upon your social media marketing services plan. However, we generally create copy and image/video to accompany every post. The CTA we include with every copy depends upon the type of social media advertising and platform. We have a team of talented graphic, video, and animation experts. We also offer attractive SEO packages.


Content Calendar Publishing

Many people think publishing on social platforms is a simple task. That is true to some extent! But then, things will get tricky when you are following the pre-planned monthly calendar. Practically business owners can't spare time to maintain and engage their social accounts. Moreover, publishing each copy with keyword research and proper hashtags is almost impossible. Here, partnering with our social media agency is the best solution. We help our clients with the content of the calendar month in advance.


Social Media Advertising

Many small businesses and website owners still do not understand the importance of social media advertising. Every tweet or post serves as an advertisement. You can also boost your post to improve its audience or can run completely social media advertising. Devising an excellent social media marketing strategy allows you to put your content, website, and services in front of the target audiences. We help you create, run, and manage ads on these platforms. You need to drive traffic, drive direct sales, or drive lead conversions; we are there to assist you.


Social Media Monitoring

You may have surely heard that social media advertising cannot be successful with a "run it and forget it" attitude. It's because the online atmosphere changes daily, and social media is also affected by it. You must understand internet consists of real people whose opinions and purchasing habits are constantly evolving. That's why we offer social media monitoring with our services. Our marketing strategy includes monitoring to get the best out of our digital marketing efforts. We monitor your social media to open more opportunities.


Monitoring Target Audience

However, posting content on social media is a straightforward task. But, it's important to consider what you post. We make a complete audit of your online presence, your business, competitors, and target audience. Only then we devise a social media strategy and start creating content. We try to find your USP and what keeps you apart from your competitors. Our team understands what motivates your audience to make a purchase. The more we know about your business, customers, and competitors, the more we can serve you.


Campaign Budget Optimization

We assign a dedicated social media project manager who will oversee the overall budget of your social media marketing. We make sure to boost the posts having the potential to bring you more traffic, leads, and sales. The smart budget allocation for various marketing campaigns and platforms helps you improve ROI. Moreover, you don't have to start everything from the learning phase. We help distribute your budget to scheduled ad sets and engaging ads. We assist you to get the best returns possible at the lowest cost. It's time to simplify your campaign budget.

Are Your Looking For The Innovative Social Media Marketing Agency For Improved Online Presence?

Hiring professional social media advertising saves time and generates impressive results within a funnel that works for you. Stop searching for a social media marketing agency near me!

You must be thinking about what social media management companies do for you. Our social media marketing agency’s most significant benefit is improved ROI with minimum investments. The best part is you will have more time to focus on your business.

Social media marketing services offer to create a successful campaign across leading social media platforms. We help you lower your cost per acquisition (CPA) and maximize ROI. Our Meta Business Suite enables you to get impressive returns.

We amazingly improve your social media presence as these platforms provide many avenues to perform this. Our experts devise a workable strategy for you every time so that you target your potential audience. We offer social media management for every leading platform.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram open the doors of opportunities to flourish your business and create brand awareness. Our social media marketing agency does exactly what is required to gain you success.

We appoint a dedicated Facebook ads manager or social media manager to handle all your platforms. Our Meta Ads Manager will surely do wonders for you. We analyze your business requirement and offer customized social media marketing solutions.

Our social media esperts help businesses to narrow down targeting options and work on the most relevant ones. We combine web design solutions, search engine marketing, and app development to boost social media marketing. That makes us the leading and best social media marketing agency in the country.

Why You Should Partner With Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

Our social media advertising agency offers “Meta Business Suite” across all leading channels. It’s time to level up your social media presence without any guesswork.

Social Media Goals for Businesses

Our social media marketing experts team helps businesses of all sizes scale their marketing efforts. FloatingChip Internet Technologies help you improve brand awareness, drive positive traffic, boost community engagement and drive more sales. Our social media strategies are innovative and transparent. We keep your target audience more engaged and your brand on top.

Help You Stay On Top of Trends

For many social media marketing agencies keeping track of changing trends can be troublesome. But not with us! Our experts are well-versed with changing trends and algorithms and know how to devise strategies for such situations. We understand brands from various industries and make them adaptable to current trends. We are dedicated to building your loyal consumers.

Create Engaging Social Media Content

Whether your brand voice is laid back, serious, formal, or funny does not matter. We always help you with improved engagements with your customers. Our experts will create user-generated content to ramp up your social media success. Connect with our reps to know more about our social media marketing agency pricing. It’s time to improve your social media presence.

Why Choose Floating Chip Technologies For The Social Media Marketing Services

We offer social media services to keep you engaged, creative, and ahead of your competitors.

Offer More Than Social Media Marketing

We are one of the seasoned digital marketing companies. We offer web development, search engine services, email marketing, PPC, and more. Our experts are well-versed in all forms of digital marketing. Contact us for the best deals.

Understand Business Goals

We understand and know the challenges small business owners face. As we have also grown up in the last decade and never forget how business owners juggle between tasks. Our perfect social media strategies save time for you to focus more on your business. 

Well-versed With Number of Industries

Our experts understand the trends and services offered by various industries. That's why we create engaging content for social media users across every industry. We are the perfect social media agency to help you reach your desired business goals.

Our Biggest Priority is You

We keep transparency and always deliver what we promise. Our experts offer customized social media solutions that work best for your business. We help you keep your advertising budget in check and run engaging campaigns across leading social media platforms.  

Your search for the Best SEO Reseller Company ends here.

What Makes FloatingChip The Leading Social Media Service Provider

The professional social media marketing agency deals with every business with a different perspective. Some of our best marketing strategies are:

We get the knowledge of your target audience and what platform they use.
We create your brand identity and convey what exactly you want to express.
We devise a structured content strategy to provide you consistent voice.
We use real-time social media platforms to grow your business and ROI.
We provide quantifiable analytics to know your standing in front of the audience.
We add value by posting interesting content and create brand awareness positively.

We add value by posting interesting content and create brand awareness positively.

What More We Offer in Our Social Media Marketing Services

Our services include complete campaign planning, content creation, and distribution. We also offer detailed reporting and analysis.

Complete Competitor Analysis

Having a keen eye on your competitors when it comes to social media marketing is essential. Our expert team will help you with just that. We analyze all your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses. So that we can develop a social media strategy that will outperform them. Give us a call to know more.

Organic Social Campaigns

One of the most essential social media services we offer FloatingChip is organic social media campaigns. We devise comprehensive social media campaigns that help businesses to fulfill their desired goals. Our experts are well versed in campaign planning, content creation, and distribution. We offer detailed reports and analytics.

Data-Driven Paid Campaigns

Paid social media campaigns are the best method to market your products and services. Our experts help you create and manage successful social media campaigns across every leading platform. These experts have decades of experience creating and managing campaigns for almost every industry. Our marketing efforts always keep you ahead.

Tracking Social Media Campaigns

Your social media goals are what your metric determines. Similarly, your metrics determine your social media goals. For every social campaign, you need measurable metrics to know whether your strategy is working or not. We help your track and optimize the engagements, reach, click-throughs and ROIs.

Monitoring Social Reputations

FloatingChip offers a suite of social media marketing packages so that we can manage and monitor your online reputation. Our services include social media management, monitoring, and crisis management. We take care of all your requirements and boost your online reputation.

Website Integration to Amplify Efforts

We help businesses install social widgets on their websites. We also create an option website and social feed and add social sharing buttons to improve social media integration. It helps users to have a better experience, and they can navigate between your other platforms effortlessly. It's time to call us for the best deals.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


$ 69.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 2.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 5 Free Optimization
  • 3 Press Releases

$ 79.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 3.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 5 Press Releases

$ 89.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 5.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 15 Free Optimization
  • 10 Press Releases

We Offer Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions For Improved Business

We offer much more than just social media marketing. Many people usually interchangeable use digital marketing with social media marketing. They think implementing B2B social media marketing methods qualifies as digital marketing. However, social media marketing is a part of the big picture.

That’s why we offer comprehensive digital marketing services to improve social media campaigns. Our SEO services optimize your website and make it visible to the online channels. In short, we help you use these marketing strategies to your advantage.

We follow the various components of digital marketing while strategizing social marketing for you. Our team of experts has decades of experience working on the leading social channels. We improve your brand awareness on the leading social platforms and generate more revenue.

Our B2B social media campaigns help businesses to get faster results. That’s why social media marketing alone is not enough. As a digital marketing experts, we explore other techniques that parallel your social media campaigns. We help you get sustainable and long-term growth.

Create Best Social Media Marketing Plan With FloatingChip Internet Technologies

Now that you know about social media strategy, it’s time to implement it into an actionable plan.


Select Your Platforms

Select platforms based on your target audience, channels popular for your industry, as well for business growth. Only take on the kind of platforms you can manage effectively. You can start with one and add one more progressively. However, our social media experts help you with every leading platform when it comes to social media marketing and devising strategies.


Set Goals & Business Objectives

It begins with setting up your profile and posting at least a single piece of content daily. Also, do a competitive analysis before creating your profile. Once you get a rhythm and understand the strategy, you will be more specific and streamline more realistic business goals. Our experts help you to reach your business objectives and increase traffic with engaging content on your platforms.


Report & Adjust Constantly

You can use the individual platform's analytics to know which post generates more engagement, how you are getting improved followers, and analyze your audience demographics. Harness what works best for you and avoid what is not working. Our social media marketing managers keep your channels more engaged to get the target audience for improved sales. We also offer quality PPC Advertising Services!

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James B. Mixon
A social media marketing company reached out to us to build our damaged reputation and improve brand awareness. They have worked with us for about six months and have helped us achieve almost all our social media marketing goals. The team of experts helped us manage social media platforms for improved traffic and brand awareness.
James B. Mixon
Heather J. Crabtree
We are a fitness start-up looking for the best digital marketing company to fulfill our business goals. Our team came across FloatingChip, and we hired them as our social media marketing company. The marketing team provided the much-needed boost to your fitness firm at the initial stages on social media pages.
Heather J. Crabtree
Denise R. Hibner
We have been running an eCommerce for the last ten years. During the pandemic, we saw huge losses, and sales were very low. We tried our best to boost sales during the post-pandemic phase but no use. Someone suggested about FloatingChip social media management agency. They analyzed our business and target customers and brought us social media success.
Denise R. Hibner
Sergio M. Self
Best social media marketing agency! They are straightforward and focused on what they are doing. FloatingChip improved our social media presence with innovative strategies and ad campaigns. They also helped us with PPC Ad campaigns to improve our brand voice. I am really happy to partner with such a professional social media management company.
Sergio M. Self
John D. Smith
I have worked with several social media marketing agencies in the past, and FloatingChip is the only one who has done what I really required. Their SEO services and Google Ads management were really beneficial for my business growth. They also provided us the app marketing help, and now we are getting a number of calls daily.
John D. Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do social media agents charge?

The social media marketing companies charge as per the load of work, the number of posts, content creation, and other services. However, the average monthly charge starts from $200 and goes up to $800 depending upon the social media marketing services you take. You must enquire about the packages before signing for taking services.

What is the best social media agency?

Several social media marketing companies are available in the country. However, you must enquire about a few things before hiring a social media management company. Figure the channels they are providing their services. Talk with the social media manager to know they have the required skills. Also, go through their fee and records.

Is a social media agency worth it?

Hiring a social media marketing company really offers you an edge in terms of content ideas and social media strategy. Besides that, social media marketing agency create, run, and manage campaigns and your social media accounts. They offer tried and tested strategies to improve your brand reach, conversion rate, and sales.

Is there a hidden cost with social media management packages?

Social media platforms come with hidden costs in their social media management packages. Always enquire about hidden costs before hiring social media marketing company. FloatingChip is the leading social media marketing company that offers transparent services and provide digital marketing services without any hidden cost.

Why invest in social media advertising packages?

Marketing strategy includes organic social media marketing and paid social media strategy. Paid advertising boost your posts and reach wider audiences. However, you must take the help of a social media marketing agency while doing paid campaigns. These social media marketers have experience in optimizing paid budgets for better ROI.

Can I cancel my Social media plan at any time?

It depends upon the type of social media management service you have taken. Moreover, discussing plans and packages would help before signing any contract. Always ensure with your social media marketing firm about plan cancellation. This will make your social media management journey smooth. 

Can I be sure your content will be relevant to my business?

We staff experts who first understand your social media marketing needs, nature of business, potential audience, and competitors. Then we devise an effective marketing strategy to bring most of the social media campaign. Moreover, we avoid disruptive advertising and never let your budget get exhausted in irrelevant campaigns.

How do social media marketing agency services help my business?

Social media marketing services offer tons of advantages to start-ups and established businesses. With the right marketing strategy and plan, you will see more traffic. Moreover, social media marketing agencies offer campaign monitoring systems and social media content marketing for better SEO, healthy customer engagement, and improved brand loyalty.