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Improve your local business with our amazing local SEO services. Our quality local SEO helps you build a brand value and higher position in the search results.

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Our local SEO services are an amazing combination of tech-enabled and human expertise. We offer local SEO plans to get you more business with local search. Our customized and affordable local SEO services improve your visibility within the local audience.

We have a team of dynamic local SEO experts to highlight your products and services effectively. FloatingChip Internet Technology team use data and implement AI and machine learning to accelerate your local searches. Whether it is local SEO for jewelers or dental SEO marketing.

Succeeding in local search is a challenging task. And you need to utilize every element of searches to improve local rankings. Our comprehensive local SEO strategy helps you dominate down the streets. It’s time to connect with a local SEO marketing company to drive more customers.

Our SEO gurus have years of expertise in digital marketing and local optimization. We help local businesses drive improved traffic. Now improve your local listings and Google business profile. It’s time to get the best local business SEO services.

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Our experts create and manage top-performing and engaging social media campaigns.

Web Development

We create, publish, and promote content for improved web traffic and engagement.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO gurus get you more website traffic, more customers, and online visibility.

Content Marketing

We help you offer the solutions that your potential consumers are searching for.

What is Local SEO Service Provider?

What is Local SEO Service Provider?

Millions of customers perform local searches to get local business listings. Without strong local search rankings, you will miss valuable leads, traffic, and business opportunities. Local search engine optimization offers higher local search results.

Our SEO expertise assists small and medium-sized businesses achieve their dream goals. Traditional SEO focuses on improving brand name on a national and global level. While our SEO services for local businesses enhance your visibility in a specific geographic area.

We provide top-notch Google local SEO service to boost your brand exposure. You can make your storefront more accessible to the local online community. Our experts leave no stone unturned to optimize your website.

They deeply understand changing algorithm and how it impacts your business. We know how local searches were before and how local searches work today. Our SEO geniuses work on every update and revise multiple times to offer local SEO strategy.

We strive to make you more competitive when people perform a local search. The best part is we offer affordable local SEO services pricing. That makes us the leading local SEO services company. Are we worried about local SEO services near me? Call us now!

Take Your Local Business To Its Highest Potential

Local businesses often struggle to get calls or positive leads. It’s a good decision to partner with the best local SEO services. FloatingChip offer top-notch quality local SEO services for small business. Our experts understand the challenges faced by a local business. And we know how to convert difficulties into profitable opportunities.

Our local SEO services are flexible for businesses of any size, domain, and budget. It does not affect our digital marketing expertise with a new local business or established one. Every time we strategize the best and most customized SEO solutions.

Local search engine optimization is essential to explore local customers. That’s why local businesses must partner with the best local SEO companies. It will improve your local visibility and brand awareness.

We provide on-page SEO, local SEO audits, and Google ads services. So that you get improved search rankings and impressive website traffic. Our digital marketing efforts take you way ahead in local business listings.

Local business SEO services are an essential digital marketing aspect. Our local SEO experts optimize work on all the factors to improve your local business. Call for attractive local SEO packages to enhance local citations.

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Benefits of Local SEO Company Services

Local search engine optimization helps improve Google’s business profile. It allows consumers to explore your business locations. Here are some significant benefits of local SEO services:

Local On-Page Optimization

It is important for search engines to understand the nature of your local business and where it is located. Our local SEO efforts optimize your website for the local search. We ensure search engines understand your business and target area. Our SEO experts utilize schema markup, NAP data, and localized keyword optimization. Besides that, it's important your business appear on Google maps. We improve your local search visibility for improved business. Our experts complete your profile by claiming missing listings, encouraging positive reviews, and standardizing NAP data. We also optimize your content to draw more local customers. We focus on working with you to develop informative, creative, and engaging content.

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Link Building and Local Listing Citations

Link-building strategy is an important aspect of local SEO. It helps you focus on your service area and industry. Our technical SEO experts help customers find you over your competitors. Business listing citations are another important aspect of Google's local ranking algorithm. Our local marketing services help you build citations from well-established portals. Moreover, some websites are well regarded in the local community. We create hyper-local resources by identifying where you need to be listed. Our experts use modern research tools and techniques we have discovered over the years. We work hard to improve your local SEO performance. Our targeted outreach work on every ranking factor for better ROI.

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Accurate and Concise Reports

Local search engine optimization and local SEO marketing have several layers. We ensure you know what you are paying for and see the results at any time. You will get detailed ranking reports and know where you stand in the local search. You can access our dashboard to see your search position on a given keyword. We provide updated reports every 24 hours. Besides that, our team offers link building and citation reporting. So that you have detailed information about links you have earned for the website. We provide an integrated dashboard with Google analytics data. That will offer clear insight into how our local SEO campaign impacts your business. You can ask for the website analytic reporting anytime. We are just a call away!

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Increase Organic Leads

We help local businesses function at the top level. Many local SEO service providers offer only paid marketing. In contrast, we are the perfect combination of organic and paid local search optimization. That makes us the best local SEO services provider. We analyze every business and devise the best strategy to improve your Google business profile. Whether you need local SEO service UK or USA. Our staff has decades of expertise in providing the best local SEO. Just tell us your business online goals and leave everything to us. Your business page will be at the top of the local directory listings. Our human experience and local SEO tools will get you the top position in search engine result pages.

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The Popular Local SEO Services

It is always crucial to understand the services top local SEO companies offer. So that you have an insight into how local business SEO works and which service is most suitable for you.

Local Search Optimization

The best local SEO strategy directly targets a potential audience in your community. Our SEO geniuses leave no stone unturned to improve your local citations and search results. We perform detailed keyword research and analyze the best for a local SEO campaign. Our smart on-page SEO drives customers to your online storefront. We devise a strategy to target local searchers toward your business. It doesn't matter what's your physical location. Call us now for the best deals on local SEO pricing.

Content Creation
Content Creation

We provide locally optimized content written by experienced copywriters. Our local SEO campaign includes content marketing. We deeply understand creating local content that connects with your consumers. Engaging content based on perfect keyword research always drives more traffic. We also help improve your online reviews and visibility on Google maps. It’s time to get services from the best local SEO Company.

Landing Pages & Local Citations
Landing Pages & Local Citations

Building a solid and engaging local presence starts with your website. Our design staff creates websites that focus on the needs of local search results. We also help you fix, complete, and improve your local listings. Our experts perform a local SEO audit to keep you visible in local search. Local citations are beneficial and play a major role in search engine optimization. Now offer local services with improved profitability and ROI. Connect with our reps for the best deals.

Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile

We strategically optimize your Google Business Profile, earlier known as Google My Business. It's helpful for maximum exposure on the local search results pages. We also improve your visibility on Google Maps. Our experts improve your business listings in multiple locations. This helps your customers to get the necessary information about who wants to visit your store or order online. It also enables them to contact you to make a purchase.

Reputation Management
Reputation Management

Local businesses must know what their customers think about them. We always ensure you put your best foot forward. That's the reason we maintain and balance your reviews across multiple platforms. Our friendly SEO experts will guide you through the entire process to cultivate positive reviews. Whether you are local SEO services for law firms or grocery stores doesn't matter. We also assist you in handling inevitable negative reviews gracefully.

Schema Markup
Schema Markup

English is a global business language. But our experts help to translate your website into the language that search engines easily understand. Schema markup is a coding language our experts implement that precisely tells search engines what your web content is all about. We convert your unstructured data into understandable structure content. So that every other search engine will crawl better and raise your website ranking. It's time to improve your local search rankings.

Are You Looking For a Local SEO Services For Improved Search Engines Ranking and Better ROI?

We are one of the leading local SEO agencies with decades of expertise in local SEO services. We have mastered SEO techniques with our efforts and perseverance. We provide strategic solutions to improve your local business.

People are always interested in finding easy ways to find a local business nearby. That’s why it’s beneficial to be at the higher local search results. Many individuals wisely use voice searches, and smartphones get local business services.

We help you provide instant answers to your audiences. Besides, local searches on mobile lead people to reach the store within a day. And according to Google, people will purchase once they are in store.

We help you improve your Google Business Profile (known as Google My Business earlier). That’s why optimization for the local business is important. Our finest quality and affordable local SEO services will surely improve your online visibility.

We help you get better search results when people want to connect with a local business. We have over decades of expertise in local SEO services. Our experts understand the changing SEO trends and algorithms.

Are you looking for SEO services near me? FloatingChip Internet Technology is the best choice. Our local SEO experts perform rigorous keyword research to offer the best SEO strategy. We follow the industry best practices to keep you ranking higher on search engines.

Our experts also perform a regular local SEO audit to analyze your standings on the digital platforms. With continuous local SEO efforts and attractive local SEO campaigns, we help you achieve your business objectives. Call us for the best local SEO prices.

Are You Looking For a Local SEO Services For Improved Search Engines Ranking and Better ROI?

What Makes Us Unique From Other Local SEO Services

We provide scalable services to take your business to new heights of success

Google Local Service Ads

Our SEO gurus attract more customers for your business through your local services ads. Listing at the top search results improves your visibility. And customers usually connect with the top five search results. Besides that, lower LSAs also get about 14% of the clicks. Our local SEO geniuses always keep your business in front of the eyes of your audience for improved revenue.

Google Screened Help

Google Screened professionals utilize a rigorous license check process conducted by Local Services Ads or other regulatory bodies. These guys have gone through an extensive background. We help you get the Google Screened badge. It will help you to build more trust between your customers and enhance your online reputation. However, the screening is free of charge for local businesses.

Google Guarantee

This is the next badge available for the businesses who have got the Google screened badge and gone through the verification process of Local Service Ads or its authorized bodies. We help you backed by the Google Guarantee. However, if your customers are not satisfied with your services, Google reimburses the amount paid by the customers. There are different upper limits in every country. Also, get the best SEO services reseller!

Why Choose FloatingChip Technologies For Local SEO Services

Here are some of the reasons that make us your best choice when it comes to local SEO:

Professional SEO Experts

We staff professional experts who developed their skills in the changing algorithms over the years. They offer comprehensive and customized local SEO solutions. It does not matter your business size and domain. We help you improve your visibility.

Measurable Results

We offer real-time scalable analytics and reports. We generate daily, weekly and monthly analytics to give you a good insight into your standing. These measurable results help our experts constantly devise the best SEO technique for your business.

Quality and Affordability

We are an amazing combination of top-notch SEO quality and affordability. We understand many local businesses are start-ups and can't invest in hefty SEO plans. We have crafted attractive local SEO packages that suit every need.

Client’s Satisfaction

Our SEO masters work for businesses of every size and domain. We strive for the client's satisfaction, and your success makes us more successful and happy. We help you open amazing doors for your business on digital platforms.

Why Choose FloatingChip Technologies For Local SEO Services
What Makes FloatingChip The Best Local SEO Company

What Makes FloatingChip The Best Local SEO Company

Our local SEO services ensure your constant visibility on the digital platforms. Here is how you can achieve your business goals.

On-page local SEO for improved search rankings.
We offer the best citation management for all platforms.
Get custom reporting on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
Keyword research to sync with leading online platforms.
Optimize your Google Business Profile listing.
Build links and analyze user experience.

Now just focus on how to manage your business and leave local SEO to our experts. We help you track your every SEO campaign. It’s time to partner with our digital marketing agency for impressive returns. We also offer quality Pay Per Click services. 

What Do We Offer With Our Local SEO Services

Our local SEO docs offer a comprehensive solution, so your audience easily searches you on digital platforms.

Google Profile Listing Optimization

Google profile listing is the hallmark of the local search. It contains helpful information about your business. It appears when people search local businesses near them. We help businesses to appear in the top three listings. Our local SEO agency optimizes your business listing. We keep your contact details, name, and address consistent so that people find you more easily.

Build Local Citations

In addition to optimizing your Google profile listing, we build local citations for your business. This citation contains essential information like name, address, services, and product information. Our experts create citations building campaigns, so your business appears on the major internet platforms. We also ensure your citations are updated and driving relevant traffic.

Target Keywords

Our skilled SEO work on the local keywords to drive more traffic to your website. Besides that, we consider creating local-specific pages for the web platforms. This way, local businesses can highlight their services to the local audiences. The local SEO experts make rigorous efforts on keyword optimization. Our effective target optimization strategies bring better search results.

Monitor Ratings & Reviews

For local businesses monitoring local rating reviews is an important aspect. These ratings and reviews may appear on your web platform. It also appears on third-party platforms like Google Business Profile, Yelp, and Social Media Marketing platforms. Regardless of the kind of review, you must reply to all the reviews as a good business practice. We help you monitor these reviews for a better reputation.

Build Links

Our local SEO masters help you earn backlinks from other reputable businesses. That allows you to boost you're your local search rankings. We help you create engaging content that targets keywords related to your business. If other sites find anything relevant, they can link back to your website content. We help you build the quality of your links for the search engines.

Analyze User Experience

Providing a great user experience is important to get success in a local business. It is an important aspect of local SEO services and attracts convertible traffic. If you lack a good user experience, your audience will take no time to hit the back button. And higher bounce rate will affect your search rankings. Our experts help you streamline the navigation and internal linking.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


$ 69.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 2.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 5 Free Optimization
  • 3 Press Releases

$ 79.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 3.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 5 Press Releases

$ 89.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 5.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 15 Free Optimization
  • 10 Press Releases

How Our Local SEO Services Works For You

The location of your business or your domain doesn’t matter. We are well versed in handling every kind of business and size. Our SEO gurus help you enhance your revenue by driving more potential customers.

We just need to know your business goals and where you want to see your business in the next few months. Once we have this data, our experts will devise a workable local SEO campaign for you. Our local SEO Company based in the US do wonders for you.

We first think smartly and then shoot. Our experts never run unwanted campaigns or ads that will exhaust your marketing budget. We devise the most suitable and workable SEO plan for you. This way, you get more revenue over every penny to spend.

You can connect with our friendly reps any time, any day. They will help you if you have more queries. So what is stopping you? Don’t think more now. Just a call can take your business to new heights you have never imagined.

The Three Best Quality Our SEO Experts Follow

Your end of best local SEO services ends here, and it’s time to improve your profitability.

We Practice What We Preach

We always ensure to practice what we promise to our customers. You may find many local companies missing this quality. That's why we also rank at the top search level so that you can easily find us. Just explain your business requirements, and our experts will develop innovative SEO strategies.

Attractive Pricing & Transparent Services

You can see our prices on our web platform. All the prices are final for the particular services. There are no hidden charges. Every time you will get transparent prices and services. That's why we publish our local SEO services prices on the websites. So that, there won't be any confusion at the later stages.

We Publish Reviews & Testimonials

Our team of experts is always engaged in publishing reviews and testimonials. You can always check them before signing the dotted line. These are our powerful social proof, and you can gain insight into what we have earned over the years. Our clients are mostly happy with us, and we feel proud of every satisfied client.

real testimonials

What They
Say About Our

Michael Terry
The professional SEO staff gives peace of mind which is required daily expanding digital world. These guys are accessible and always respond to your query in a sophisticated way. They constantly check the listing to analyze your business standing. We highly recommend FloatingChip for local SEO services. Best wishes!
Michael Terry
Emilia Clarke
Our experience with their expert team was really awesome. We want to continue the professional partnership with these guys. The team member maintains transparency at every stage of SEO campaigns. The best part is they deliver what they say. We are highly satisfied with their local SEO services. Thumbs Up!
Emilia Clarke
Cristian Torres
I really appreciate the working style of the FloatingChip SEO team. They provided me with regular reports and managed my online reputation amazingly. I have also referred them to a few other guys who are individual website owners. Our business is now at the top position in the search results. That was not possible without the dedicated SEO efforts of these guys.
Cristian Torres
Cristian Torres
I am really excited after seeing the great SEO results. These experts have helped with every stage of local SEO methods. They worked on weak areas and improved our profitability. I am happy with our SEO experts; they helped my business reach higher rankings against my expectations. I will surely recommend this dynamic team of experts.
Cristian Torres
Cristian Torres
We had a bad experience working with the past local SEO Company. That costs us a waste of substantial time and money. My friend suggested FloatingChip Internet Technology, and I am amazed by their services and results. They are reachable and affordable. My past three months have seen significant growth and ROI—the best local SEO Company.
Cristian Torres

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does local SEO cost?

The cost of local SEO depends upon various factors. That includes several optimized pages, time, link acquisitions, your website's current status, rankings, geographical locations, etc. We offer attractive local SEO packages to improve your ROI. Call us for the best deals on local SEO services.

How do I find local SEO services?

Many local SEO providers are available online. However, you must select the services that offer competitor analysis, SEO audits, keyword research, customized optimization, reviews management, building an internal linking strategy, improving search user experience, tranking keywords ranking, etc.

Why do you need local SEO services?

Local SEO services help you improve your visibility for local searches. That's why it's helpful if you want to drive more people to your storefront. More footfalls mean more traffic and improved business. Professional local SEO services drive more conversions and build your brand awareness to improve ROI.

Is local SEO profitable?

Digital marketing and local SEO are gaining importance with each passing day. More and more small and medium businesses realize their potential to create brand awareness. The profitability rate depends on how much you earned for every dollar invested. The professional SEOs offer the Google ranking guarantee and more sales.  

Who is the best local SEO Company in the country?

Many platforms offer local professional SEO. It's challenging to pick the best among them. However, FloatingChip is one of the leading local SEO companies in the nation. It's famous for offering quality and affordable local SEO services. The company has hired in-house SEO experts having decades of experience. 

What's Included in Local SEO Services?

Local SEO is an exciting technique to improve your local search ranking. The services included depending upon the particular needs of your business. Moreover, your business goals also decide which local SEO service you should take. However, professional SEOs offer multilayered services to grow your ranking and visibility.

Is local SEO profitable?

Digital marketing and local SEO are gaining importance with each passing day. More and more small and medium businesses realize their potential to create brand awareness. The profitability rate depends on how much you earned for every dollar invested. The professional SEOs offer the Google ranking guarantee and more sales.  

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

Conventional SEO focuses on improving your digital visibility nationally or globally. While local SEO helps you to target local search results or local audiences. Many local businesses are utilizing local SEO strategies to improve traffic and ROI. However, SEO and local SEO often use similar tricks and techniques.