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Drive more traffic, target specific demography, and boost revenue with our quality PPC services. We help businesses grow to their highest potential for improved ROI.

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FloatingChip is the leading PPC services provider. Our PPC specialists have formulated a successful recipe for the PPC campaigns. Using our pay-per-click advertising, you will enjoy regular traffic, optimize Google ads, and increase ROIs.

Our PPC experts help you with paid ads to drive more traffic and sales. We provide innovative and tech-enabled PPC management to achieve your goals. Moreover, we regularly measure your growth from paid search ads.

Digital marketing strategies are changing every now and then, and we employ the most suitable paid advertising campaigns for your business. We bring you a faster and higher conversion rate with paid search campaigns.

Increase your search engine results pages with an innovative marketing strategy. Get immediate results and higher conversions with our pay-per-click services. Our campaign tracking techniques and remarketing campaigns will surely impress you.

Click advertising services are a common trend on digital platforms. And we strategize winning the PPC campaign to gain more visibility. Our marketing strategy, quality Google shopping ads, and affordability are suitable for every business owner.

Get The Best PPC Management Services Every Year - Floatingchip

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Social Media Marketing

Our experts create and manage top-performing and engaging social media campaigns.

Web Development

We create, publish, and promote content for improved web traffic and engagement.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO gurus get you more website traffic, more customers, and online visibility.

Content Marketing

We help you offer the solutions that your potential consumers are searching for.

What Are PPC Management Services? - Floatingchip

What Are PPC Management Services?

Google PPC management services are a highly controllable and affordable method to earn a top spot in Google and Binge ads search results. Presently, 97% of people of the global population performs an online search to find products and services nearby.

Moreover, 75% of people appreciate that paid ads are an effective way to get online information. Out of the 63% of individuals who click on paid ads. This is the best time to invest in PPC management services and earn a fortune.

We staff dedicated paid ads specialists who know how to build and manage successful PPC campaigns. They are well-versed in dealing with complex PPC advertising platforms like Google ads and Bing ads.

To get a high return every time, you need an experienced PPC Company. And we staff the PPC specialists having years of experience in pay-per-click advertising. We make data-driven strategies and regularly optimize PPC campaigns.

Our PPC experts never miss any layer of the funnel and allow you to enjoy visits into conversion. We employ affordable, scalable, and quality PPC advertising services. That keeps you always ahead of your competitors.

Take Your Business To New Heights With Our PPC Campaigns

Home products companies trust FloatingChip across the USA when it comes to PPC management services. We help local businesses to build and launch profitable ad campaigns. Our PPC specialists will optimize existing PPC ads campaigns.

So that you can perform better on the search engines results page. Moreover, we eliminate wasted ad spend on costly keywords and improve poorly optimized PPC advertising campaigns. We put our sincere efforts into improving leads and search engine sales.

You need to partner with experienced PPC management service providers to win search ad campaigns. And, we are just what you are looking for! Our experts constantly make data-driven decisions for successful PPC marketing.

That’s why we are the leading PPC advertising agency to offer managed PPC services. Whether you need Google ads services or Bing ads services. Our experts will provide successful pay-per-click advertising.

We take care of every penny on the ad spend. So that you generate maximum revenue from your PPC advertising campaigns. Now launch the winning PPC advertising campaign and reap the higher returns. Our friendly customer reps will give you more info.

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Benefits of PPC Campaign Management Services - Floatingchip

Benefits of PPC Campaign Management Services

Effective PPC advertising campaigns keep you ahead in your domain. It’s time to partner with PPC Management Company to gain more revenue. Here, you can see some of the major benefits of the PPC services:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an amazing aspect of online marketing and an effective way to improve organic traffic. It builds brand awareness, enhances online credibility, and gains the trust of potential customers. Our innovative SEO gurus create customized digital marketing campaigns to provide quick results. Moreover, we utilize Ahrefs techniques to maximize positive growth. SEO takes time, but if you have creative and skilled experts, no one can stop you. Businesses relying on organic traffic usually fail to achieve the marketing goals within the timelines. No worries now! Our Digital Marketing Services offers complete control over every campaign. Moreover, we offer flexibility and instant results.

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Pay-per-click has proved its worth over the years. It is one of the most affordable and best online marketing strategies. PPC advertising allows them to control their ad spend. This way, they can get their ads offering in front of the right individuals. Effective PPC marketing is for the right people, at the right time, to reap the right results. Paid search ads allow you to enjoy laser-targeted visibility. It's time to create ads and keep your landing pages busy. Our PPC experts help you improve the customers' buying journey at your storefront and boost conversions. We offer the perfect combination of affordable local SEO Services and paid advertising strategies to drive targeted results. However, we can help you with PPC internet marketing if you have a limited budget. Contact us for the best deals on PPC services costs.

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Leverage PPC Marketing

FloatingChip Internet Technologies is the trusted PPC agency in the country. We partner with local and large enterprises to offer the best-paid search ad campaigns. Our experts strive to improve your leads and grow conversions. Our every campaign is devised to attract a specific target audience in the domain. Over the years, our PPC specialists have mastered the pay-per-click PPC techniques. We assign a dedicated PPC account manager for every PPC campaign. So that you can reap the highest potential from the Google ads. If you are still not sure whether our PPC strategy works for you. Our PPC management company is here to sort your every query.

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PPC Ad Tracking and Analytics

Our PPC gurus continuously track average search ads positions. So that we can devise the strategies to improve your search engine results. Managing PPC performance is necessary to understand which factors are affecting positively. We sort out the negative keywords and discard them to get the best of the advertising campaign. Tracking click-through rate is an essential campaign tracking aspect. We help you squeeze your budget and put it into the right local service ads. Our effective PPC campaign management will surely help you get tracking leads, calls, and sales. We ensure you drive revenue from every PPC campaign.

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The Popular PPC Management Services

Understanding what services you will get from a PPC management agency is imperative. It will improve trust, and you can make most of the pay-per-click management services.

Campaign Management Setup- Floatingchip
Campaign Management Setup

If you need help managing your PPC ad campaign, ad spend, or Google adwords. Our PPC management agency is always there to offer innovative solutions. Our experts analyze what is required to build and run successful PPC campaigns for more profitability. We also ensure the right channels for you. It's time to get the best from search engine advertising.

Native Advertising - Floatingchip
Native Advertising

Native ads are best to drive more website traffic. It is an integral part of an effective PPC ad campaign. We also help you with YouTube ads, local services ads, and search engine optimization. This way, your will improve your visibility on every local platform. Being a leading PPC marketing service, we know how to get the most out of your marketing costs.

PPC Audit Services - Floatingchip
PPC Audit Services

Many businesses lose their rank because of Google Penalty or searching for ideas to improve Google ads performance. We offer quality and affordable advertising services for PPC audits. Our experts know how to manage PPC accounts and improve profitability. It’s time to get attractive ad copy for improved engagements.

Search Ads - Floatingchip
Search Ads

Our ad experts help you reach the targeted audiences with our search engine marketing techniques. We increase your Google and Bing visibility so people can buy your products and services. Moreover, we provide quality and targeted search ad solutions. It's time to connect with the best PPC management company. Just a call can change your productivity on the ad spend.

Local Service Ads - FloatingChip
Local Service Ads

We help you connect with the local customers who are looking for local businesses in their area. Our local search ads solutions bring on the major social media platforms. We also improve your landing page traffic to get you more leads and conversions. That's why we are one of the leading PPC companies with comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Social Media Advertising - FloatingChip
Social Media Advertising

Our experts know how to manage PPC campaigns on social media platforms. We help you create engaging ad copy and video ads to target specific demography. We strategize our marketing services according to your needs. We follow the latest industry trends and always keep you visible in front of potential customers. Contact us now!

Are You Looking For The Dedicated PPC Management Agency Get You Desired Results Through paid Marketing?

Where is your business located? What services do you offer? Are you a small or big enterprise? No need to worry about such questions. You can function as a full-fledged SEO company through our reseller services.

PPC is an ongoing process! It’s not like you just set the ad copy and get the results. The PPC ad campaigns take time to offer desired results. However, smart PPC campaigns surely see momentum sooner or later.

Here PPC experts play a major role. Still confused. PPC marketing requires constant adjustments then only you can see the best results. And our experts know how to tackle PPC ad campaigns and improve your visibility.

We help you get more profitability on every ad spend. Moreover, as a company owner, you have to manage customers, sign checks, order inventory, pay bills, and many more. Here are advertising services that surely help you out.

We create, run, and manage successful PPC campaigns to grow your business profitability. Our PPC marketing agency provides you with every solution and offers customized marketing services. Hiring a PPC expert is a smart move that business owners learn.

You must only spend your time nurturing and managing your core business. And least leave on our smart advertising services. Hiring the best search engine marketing experts is better than hiring less experienced. It will ruin your ad spend.

Paid marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. Our experts work on Google adwords, perform keyword research and devise the best strategy for your business. We improve your visibility, and you will experience amazing traffic on your landing page. 

Outsourcing your PPC ad campaigns is the most viable step you can take to improve profitability. Our PPC campaign and SEO experience will provide a much-needed boost to your business. It’s time to reap most of your ad spend and boost ROI.

7. Are You Looking For The Dedicated PPC Management Agency Get You Desired Results Through paid Marketing - FloatingChip

Reasons Why PPC Campaigns Are Important For Your Business Growth

Our PPC specialists make you visible with higher rankings on the prime search engines. Here are some important benefits to partner with our PPC agency

Cost-Effective Way of Advertisement

PPC is the most cost-effective way of digital marketing. In newspapers and TV ads, you have to pay according to the space occupied by your ad copy. However, you only have to pay for the PPC ads when someone clicks on your ad copy on the Google display network. That's a reasonable process, and you only need to pay Google when someone is ready to buy your products.

Delivers Faster Results

Another result of utilizing PPC marketing is that it takes faster time to deliver amazing results. The ads start showing up your targeted keywords, and when you bid on those keywords, you get a quality score. The best search engine marketing method is to see more traffic on the landing page. You can start seeing the more incredible performances in just a few days.

We Can Track Results Easily

Tracking results is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. Without having deep analytics of your marketing campaign, you won't analyze the elements working for you. If you can track the campaigns easily, you will focus on the positive aspects and discard the negative ones. Our experts follow in-depth analytics to offer you more extraordinary results on every PPC ad campaign.

Why Choose Floating Technologies For The PPC Marketing Services

Our experts have evolved with the changing algorithms. Here are some reasons to choose us:

Hyper-Targeted PPC Campaigns

We offer highly targeted PPC ads so that you will reach the right consumers. We implement smart PPC strategies to make you visible on the right platforms at the right time. This way, you will get the most specific consumers for the higher conversions.

Offer Higher Conversions

Our specialists target specific demographics, and use in-market strategies, remarketing, and video ads. These PPC experts target specific keywords so that you can get most of your ad spend. This way, we provide easier ways for your customers to make a purchase. Improve your landing page traffic now.

Increased Revenue

The increased qualified traffic will boost your revenue more than your expectations. We bid for your ads and make them live. That helps users to make a search on the specific targeted keywords. Our PPC ad campaign ensures you get increased revenue every time.

PPC Ads For All Domains

You are a small company owner or a big enterprise. You have a clothes store or grocery shop. Our experts are specialized in providing solutions to businesses of any size and domain. The years of experience, skills, and devising customized strategies are our plus points.

Why Choose Floating Technologies For The PPC Marketing Services - FloatingChip
What Makes FloatingChip The Best PPC Services Provider Company - FloatingChip

What Makes FloatingChip The Best PPC Services Provider Company

Our PPC gurus devise a creative and innovative ad campaign suitable for your business. We track your search engines continuously. Some of our attributes are:

We align keywords, CTAs, and landing pages to improve overall PPC quality.
Strategize advanced paid marketing techniques for higher returns.
Our skills and experience help you explore the target customers.
We offer scalability and daily reports to give insight into your growth.
We are equipped with the industry's latest tools and software.
Excellent customer satisfaction, flexible outlook, and dedicated professionals.

We always try for our clients to speak for us. Now you need to just focus on your business, and our PPC strategies will do the wonder for you. Even when you are sleeping. Manage your business with more confidence now. We are also the best SEO Reseller Company.

The Additional Features of Our PPC Ads Services

We also offer strategized pay-per-click services to our clients for faster business growth.

PPC Audit Services

PPC campaigns require contact managing of costing and conversions. Some companies spend too much money and get little return. That's why we offer PPC account audits so that our experts can find and fix the problems. This way, you can reap the maximum profits from your ad campaigns within budget. It's time to accelerate your ad conversion with an account audit.

Remarketing Services

We offer competitive remarketing services that bring customers back to your storefront. We have covered more than thousands of successful PPC campaigns. We provide exceptional results and unparalleled experience. Our PPC enthusiasts are always eager to bring back your past consumers. Now you can drive more sales and conversions with remarketing services.

Facebook Ad Services

Our experts help you to implement PPC marketing on massive platforms like Facebook. We provide advanced targeting options and diverse ad campaigns. It's an important marketing channel that you must utilize. We offer comprehensive PPC marketing so that you make use of Facebook. Now provide quality dimension to your every ad spend.

Geofencing Ad Services

Geofencing ad services are beneficial when you want to grow your business. Here we will target your industry events, locations of the competitors, and more with absolute accuracy. This way, you can target the individuals who visit places or locations similar to your industry. Our experts help you fulfill your business goals with more revenue and sales.

Addressable Ads Services

It's not easy to catch your business buys, consumers, or both of them. That's why we offer addressable geofencing. It allows your company to launch hyper-targeted and addressed-based campaigns. That will drive more traffic, more visits, phone calls, and most importantly, higher sales. Connect with our customer reps for more details on geofencing ads.

Social Media Ad Services

Our Social media marketing agency has always proved to be an integral part of marketing for businesses across a varied range of industries. With changing algorithms, businesses can diversify their marketing methods and techniques. Our social media ad services help you reach the target audience at the right time. So, that you can have maximum benefits of our ads services.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


$ 69.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 2.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 5 Free Optimization
  • 3 Press Releases

$ 79.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 3.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 5 Press Releases

$ 89.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 5.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 15 Free Optimization
  • 10 Press Releases

Why Should You Partner With a PPC Management Company?

The experienced PPC experts will analyze and manage your every ad campaign. We assign a dedicated expert trained in Google ads to run a successful marketing campaign for you. Our experts will first learn about your business and devise a perfect PPC strategy that will work best for you.

We guide you to spend money on the most effective keywords only. Our thorough keyword research will explore growth opportunities for your business. Moreover, we will analyze your competition in the specific domain. We closely evaluate what your competitors are doing with the specific keyword.

We develop engaging Google and YouTube ads. We will provide a headline, ad copy, create groups and select the best keywords. We will ensure every ad goes through the A/B testing to evaluate the high-performing ads. We also monitor your ads and identify the low-performing areas. So that, we pause low-performing campaigns and replace them with new ones.

We provide you with regular insight into how your search ads are performing. This will help you to analyze your standing in the digital space. Your PPC manager will send daily, weekly and monthly reports. You can even track the real-time performance on our dashboard. This way, you can make most of PPC ads partnering with PPC Management Company.

Why Should You Partner With a PPC Management Company?- FloatingChip

It’s Time to Choose Our PPC Services for Your Business Growth

Get in touch with our experts and grow your business with our most affordable marketing services.

Low-Risk Contracts - Floatingchip
Low-Risk Contracts

Our PPC marketing services are backed with high integrity. We use low-risk contracts to gain your trust and provide the best work. We help you spend your every penny wisely on ad campaigns. We squeeze the low-performing keywords and ads. So that you get maximum benefits from your PPC ad campaigns. Get the best pricing now!

Get More on Money Spend-Floatingchip
Get More on Money Spend

Exhausting your entire budget on the PPC advertisement is like buying a car without fuel. It's never a smart idea to spend your total budget on the services without money left to fuel further campaigns. That's why we offer reasonable PPC services so that you can use the additional budget for further paid advertisement. Call us for the best SEO packages.

Hire Best PPC Experts-Floatingchip
Hire Best PPC Experts

We offer search engine management campaigns every day for hundreds of businesses across the country. As a leading PPC marketing company in the USA, we have proven data on the best practices. That includes ad copy, headlines, keyword optimization, and research. We help you save your valuable time figuring out these tactics.

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Robert M. Arthur
I would like to recommend FloatingChip for its professional behavior and in-depth expertise. Whether you are a small firm, medium company, or big enterprise, this team of experts will offer five stars to your PPC campaigns. The best part is their faster turnaround and amazing conversion tracking system. I am really impressed with their services.
Robert M. Arthur
Ruth J. Jones
FloatingChip has been our PPC marketing company for over a year now. I am fully satisfied with their PPC services and amazing strategies to accelerate our business growth. This wonderful team of experts is willing to adapt our marketing strategy and help us succeed in our domain. It was an awesome experience working with our account manager.
Ruth J. Jones
Thomas J. Pagan
Most of the time, we just need to sit back and see the things are going. Working with these guys is the best decision for our business. Their expertise and skills helped us see the skyrocketing growth in the last one year. All our team members are busy receiving the order calls—all the best to these guys for their future projects.
Thomas J. Pagan
Helen N. Ramos
Our lead generation and conversion rate are an all-time higher since we are working with these guys. They give you advice on every stage of the campaign and make us aware of what is best for us. Rather than doing something on their own, they make us aware of what's happening at every stage. Their transparent services are smart strategies that make us view unimaginable growth.
Helen N. Ramos
Kellie J. Taylor
Our lead generation and conversion rate are an all-time higher since we are working with these guys. They give you advice on every stage of the campaign and make us aware of what is best for us. Rather than doing something on their own, they make us aware of what's happening at every stage. Their transparent services are smart strategies that make us view unimaginable growth.
Kellie J. Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of PPC?

Search engine advertising, also known to as search engine marketing, is an excellent example of where PPC is applied. It help you to display ads to users which are based on the relevant keywords entered in the search bar. The leading search engines like Google and Bing use this ad model on PPC through auction.

What are the main types of PPC ads?

PPC advertisements are faster way to improve your website traffic, visibility, and sales. The main types of PPC ads include Search ads, Display ads, Remarketing ads, Video ads, Shopping ads, Paid social ads, Gmail sponsored ads, Amazon advertising, social media advertising and more. Our PPC agency provide comprehensive PPC marketing solutions.  

The three main types of campaigns or ads are sponsored product ads, sponsored brands ads, and product display ads. Sponsored product ads promote individual product listings on Amazon. Sponsored brand ads are customizable ads that feature brand, logo, tagline, etc. And product display ads are remarketing PPC technique used by the SEOs.

What is the main purpose of PPC?

PPC is an amazing advertisement format to improve online visibility. 

PPC or pay-per-click is a wonderful online advertisement format. It allows marketers and businesses to pay for their ads only when they get clicked. Advertisers provide particular click value keeping keywords, platforms, and audiences in mind. PPC is a very compelling online ad format that helps businesses achieve their marketing goals faster.

What are PPC management services?

PPC management services are the process of managing and handling the company's ad spend on the campaign. It includes the methods to strategize the ad buys while at the same time minimizing the overall expenditure. It helps advertisers to oversee how the particular keyword is performing. Moreover, it helps them to focus on the target audiences.

Should you hire a PPC agency?

The PPC company offer helpful guidance on how PPC advertisements work for the improved revenue. 

A PPC company is helpful when you need guidance or more information about the working of PPC advertisements. The PPC agency also guides you with tips on how to maximize the success of your PPC campaigns. These experts help you tailor your budget to ensure smart spending and minimize unwanted waste.

How to choose the best PPC management company for my business?

Before choosing the PPC management company, you must check its experience and track record. Analyze their keyword selection knowledge and understanding of the negative keywords list. Converse with them to know their expertise on location-based ads, landing pages, and conversion tracking. This way, you can select the PPC management company.