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We staff the top SEO gurus that make us the best SEO services reseller. Our white label SEO reseller program is crafted to offer customized reseller SEO. Any SEO agency can collaborate with us to improve its client base and profitability.

Our professional SEO experts take care of all your SEO requirements. Outsourcing your SEO needs enables you to focus on your customers effectively. With our SEO reseller services, you can deliver top-quality and flexible digital marketing solutions.

We function like your SEO back office to improve your business efficiencies and preferences. That makes us your reliable SEO reseller partner. Our SEO gurus have years of expertise in managing end-to-end projects. That provides you ample time to focus on business expansion.

Our white label services offer exciting options for SEO packages and bundles. You can hire our SEO reselling services monthly, quarterly, or yearly. We also allow a team of professional SEO experts on a project basis.

Our SEO reseller services are the perfect combination of affordability and quality to provide scalable results. That makes us the leading SEO reseller company. Call us for the most suitable SEO reseller programs for you.

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Social Media Marketing

Our experts create and manage top-performing and engaging social media campaigns.

Web Development

We create, publish, and promote content for improved web traffic and engagement.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO gurus get you more website traffic, more customers, and online visibility.

Content Marketing

We help you offer the solutions that your potential consumers are searching for.

What is an SEO Reseller - Floatingchip

What is an SEO Reseller?

SEO reseller agency platform provides white label SEO to the clients. The SEO reseller companies offer complete SEO solutions, and you can market as your own. Best SEO reseller comes up with top SEO reseller programs. So that you can have the best assistance in every aspect of SEO. Our local SEO reseller help agencies which provide development, digital marketing, and design to clients.

SEO agencies always want to fulfill the client’s requirements. Sometimes you fail to give them that additional SEO services. Here, SEO reseller services play the defining role. Our SEO reseller programs give you that extra edge. You can expand your dimensions by partnering with a white-label SEO reseller.

The basic idea is to offer your clients our SEO reseller package. And our technical SEO team will fulfill your every demand. So that you can offer SEO services without employing the new team. You can provide your clients with a comprehensive, larger, and specific SEO service for improved profitability.

It’s time to yield positive ROI with our SEO strategies. You are a small business owner or a big enterprise; it does not matter. Our experts solely focus on the improved ROI. Your earnings make us successful. You will always generate a positive result partnering with us.

Be the Part of Most Trending Domain

You must be thinking! How do SEO reseller services function? Why do you need SEO reseller programs? How do resell SEO services deliver? How to get the best white label SEO reseller? And many more things. 

Think you are a company and have clients who want SEO services. You always want to retain clients and provide them with the best digital marketing assistance. So, you agree to provide the SEO service. This way, you won’t lose the client and improve your sale.

Here, white label SEO Company plays a significant role. You just need to forward all your SEO requirements to us. Our experts will offer you the top SEO reseller services. We minimize your efforts and the cost of maintaining the high-end team.

You can outsource all your work to the best SEO resellers India like Floatingchip Technologies. Call us for the SEO reseller packages and SEO reseller pricing.

Are you launching a start-up with limited capital? No worries! Want to test our functioning before becoming a part of the SEO reseller program? No problem with us! Our experts offer structured campaigns to enjoy seamless scalability. It’s time to improve your revenue with our tested model. 

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Benefits of SEO Reseller Services - What is an SEO Reseller - Floatingchip

Benefits of SEO Reseller Services

SEO reseller services offer significant advantages to the agency and company owners. Becoming a white label SEO reseller boost profits and grow your business. Let’s talk about some of them below:

Saves Cost of Maintaining a Team

Partnering with an SEO reseller program saves you a significant amount of money. The traditional methods of providing SEO services require you to establish a new department. You need to hire a few SEO experts and start marketing. However, building and maintaining a team of experts is challenging. It will consume your important time, and you need to go through trial and error methods. You may also incur heavy losses during the entire process. Hiring professional SEO experts who know what they are doing will not happen at once. However, if you decide to become an SEO reseller company, you won’t have to go through the difficult process of building a team. The sole thing you require to do is to market yourself as a premium SEO services provider. You can set your own prices and forward all your clients to us. SEO outsourcing is not a new concept for company owners and small businesses. This way, you can spare your precious time and money.

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You Can Add New Service in Your Offerings

Let's say you have a small business and your clients are happy with your overall services. But, now your customers want you to provide them the SEO services as well. But, your existing staff doesn't know anything about SEO and digital marketing. As a growing company, you must focus on increasing the business rather than setting up a new in-house team. What is the best option you have? Join the SEO reseller program and improve profits. It won't add any additional or further cost to your company. This way you can offer new services to all your clients. Select an SEO reseller program from us and market it as your own. You can generate more profits without any trouble. Search engine optimization requires specialized knowledge and a certain set of skills. Why go through this additional trouble? Become a white label SEO agency and add one more offering to your services.

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Increased Revenue from Existing Client Base

Anyone can understand this. When you add SEO services to your portfolio, you can upsell it to your existing client base. It's an amazing way to generate more profits without investing a penny. Businesses and agency owners already know consumer acquisition cost is significantly higher than retaining the existing ones. So why not sell and pitch the new services to them. This way, you can generate recurring revenue and grow the business.

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Quality of Service

Being a white label SEO reseller is a great way to maintain the standard of service. If you build a team of local SEO providers. Especially the ones with less experience. There are chances that you may lose the goodwill of the company. Always stick with the best SEO experts and digital marketing specialists to avoid this. Becoming an SEO reseller partner will help you offer high-quality SEO services. Start outsourcing SEO needs to us and be the best SEO reseller.

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The Popular SEO Reseller Services

Before becoming a white label SEO agency, you want comprehensive knowledge about reseller services. Below are some reseller services for your understanding so you can market them effectively.

Link Building Services
Link Building Services

Link building is usually considered an essential aspect of SEO. In the SEO process, link building focuses on increasing the number and quality of inbound links on a webpage. The objective is to get increased organic traffic and improve search engine rankings. Link building is an amazing way for Google to mark web pages. Our webmasters help improve the rank of websites by increasing the number of high-quality links on your websites. Links are the best way to improve the relevance of a webpage.

Guest Posting Services
Guest Posting Services

Guest posting involves writing content in the form of articles and blogs. So that it can be published on someone else's website. SEO professionals often suggest guest posting to build relationships and facilitate link exchanges. Professional SEO experts consider it a great way to tap into your existing visitors. Moreover, it allows SEO experts to improve search rankings. Guest posting is the essential aspect of SEO strategies for B2B lead generations. We offer quality guest postings for improved traffic.

Content Development
Content Development

SEO companies must know the importance of being well optimized for search engines. Google and other leading search engines keep a keen eye on the quality of your content. Which is an essential factor for the ranking of the website. Good SEO practices involve maintaining the quality of the content. It is an important SEO task and requires specialized skills. We are a professional SEO agency that can help you with content development. Especially if you have high-converting landing pages.

Keyword Optimization
Keyword Optimization

Finding the right keyword for the target audience is not an easy task. It requires proper keyword research and a specialized SEO strategy. As a reseller SEO services provider, you must offer keyword research services to your clients. Using the right keywords and placing them at the right places will boost website rankings. Professionally managed SEO services offer keyword optimization. As agency partners, we help you with the best keyword research services.

Local Service Ads - Floatingchip
Website Analysis

Guest posting involves writing content in the form of articles and blogs. So that it can be published on someone else's website. SEO professionals often suggest guest posting to build relationships and facilitate link exchanges. Professional SEO experts consider it a great way to tap into your existing visitors. Moreover, it allows SEO experts to improve search rankings. Guest posting is the essential aspect of SEO strategies for B2B lead generations.

Detailed Reports
Detailed Reports

Professional SEO experts generate detailed reports and SEO audits. These reports offer the present analysis of the website. It also suggests the changing landscape of the industry. With SEO audits, trends of different keywords can be identified. So that SEO consultants focus on the other highlighted keywords. Our professionals generate and keep these reports handy for you. You can access them anytime on our CMS panel.

Are You Looking for an SEO Reseller Company that Offers White Hat SEO Services?

Where is your business located? What services do you offer? Are you a small or big enterprise? No need to worry about such questions. You can function as a full-fledged SEO company through our reseller services.

Our reseller program with best SEO practices is time-tested. We offer explosive business growth to agencies and businesses.

Our global white label SEO services include a comprehensive suite of services. You can offer complete SEO packages once you partner with our SEO reseller service. It’s time to take advantage of our expertise, experience, and skills.

With the right business model, SEO reselling can be your ticket to success. Our SEO gurus are always there to transform small businesses and agencies into profit-making hubs.

Google algorithm changes with time. That means we have to be at the top of effectiveness in SEO. Our experts adopt continuous industry changes to offer quality reselling SEO services. We utilize the best tools to make you the best white label SEO agency.

We have helped thousands of bossiness globally with our quality SEO packages. We help businesses to achieve their goals and increase profitability. We will surely take your business to the top and transform you into the leading SEO agency.

Our SEO reseller program takes care of every important SEO aspect. We offer comprehensive SEO solutions to help you in reputation management. It’s time to take advantage of our expertise and be a part of our white label SEO program.

What You Can Offer To Your Clients

With our reseller program, you can offer top-quality SEO expertise to maximize the client’s digital potential.

Premium website design solutions with a higher conversion rate.
Local SEO services to maximize profitability.
Content marketing and digital marketing services.
PPC services for instant traffic.
Social media marketing for improved engagements.
Link building services for best SERP results.

You just need to focus on the business account management of your clients. Take their SEO requirements and leave everything to us. Being an agency owner will let you build your portfolio in the world of SEO.

What Do You Get With Our White Label SEO Packages?

Firstly we offer an SEO reseller program for business owners. This way, you can add an amazing profile under your brand name.

White Label Services For Business Owners

SEO Services

Our experts will ensure your website is perfectly optimized for the search engines. So that you can get the best SERP results. Our SEO experts will do the audit of your entire website. Then we develop an SEO strategy to improve your organic search rankings. We also add new content and improve broken links. We analyze all the factors that will help you improve your rankings.

Local SEO

Local services take time to implement. But, our SEO experts know how to make it happen. When you partner with an SEO reseller agency, we make every effort to let Google know about your business. Our experts will work on the local search engine optimization to increase your visibility. Your local customers bring you in front of them when they type "near me."

PPC Management

Our PPC or Pay Per Click advertising services will always let you in the spotlight. Our SEO experts will ensure that your clients always stay in front of their audiences. These professional experts know how to squeeze unnecessary clicks for improved ROI. We help you open every opportunity for success. It's time to become a private label SEO reseller with our skills and experience.

Content Marketing

Our SEO gurus follow the elegant process of SEO that maximizes your online business. So that you can get improved traffic and leads. Every content will follow our signature keyword optimization and research process. We utilize cutting-edge SEO techniques to help you achieve your goals. We also offer off-page SEO reseller services.

Web Design

Our expert professionals provide you the website design and development services. We work with businesses of every type, size, level, and location. Our experts understand the importance of engaging websites for more traffic. It also helps you reduce the bounce rate and improve conversions. We help you create an engaging website for improved traffic.

Link Building

Resell SEO and become a top SEO agency with our expert assistance. We follow a good backlinking strategy to maximize the success rate. That will help your website to rank higher in search results. This way, you will never miss the benefits associated with higher rankings and improve your potential customers.

Social Media Management

Website owners always want their online business to grow. That's why our experts will fulfill your every need. We offer the top rates of social media management support. Our SEO experts have decades of experience in managing leading social media platforms. Call for the best deals.

Reputation Management

You can have free access to a tool that will show you the online reviews. This way, you can review what people are saying about your business. It's a great way to analyze your position in the digital world. It will help you to work on the weak areas to improve profitability.

Mobile Marketing

Our experts enable businesses to reach mobile users at targeted locations. We help you adapt your marketing campaigns and messaging to reach more customers. This way, you take advantage of geographic targeting to market to people carrying smartphones.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


$ 69.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 2.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 5 Free Optimization
  • 3 Press Releases

$ 79.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 3.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 5 Press Releases

$ 89.99

Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 5.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 15 Free Optimization
  • 10 Press Releases

White Label SEO Packages For Agencies & Freelancers

We also provide reseller services to marketing agencies and freelancers. Call us for the best deals.

White Label SEO

We offer comprehensive digital marketing services to fuel your SEO campaign. With our white label SEO programs, you will always remain ahead of your competitors. Our experts will also take care of the latest algorithm updates so that they won't affect your SEO rankings.

White Label Local SEO

We help white-label SEO companies to be more efficient. Besides that, they help their clients to grow their businesses locally within the community. Our experts utilize a propriety algorithm to achieve this and get ranks in local search engines. We provide SEO reseller packages search engines to gather information from various sources.

White Label Web Design

We offer white-label websites at the most affordable prices. At the same time, we never compromise on the quality. We know how to provide top customer services and take your business on the top ladder of the digital world. Our experts will handle everything for you. You just focus on how to run your business smoothly.

White Label PPC

With our SEO reseller services, you will get the while label PPC assistance. Our PPC marketing services help your business get the maximum benefits of PPC. We offer white-label PPC services tailored for any business to get effective results.

White Label Social Media

Our comprehensive range of white-label social media marketing services helps you build positive engagements. Our experts will assess your business and discuss your goals. So that we can create a customized package that works more effectively for you.

White Label Rank Reports

The key process to ensuring a successful and growing business is constantly analyzing the performance. Our experts allow you to access real-time analytics. You can access them at any time to check the growth of your business. We also provide you with weekly and monthly reports.

Why Choose FloatingChip Technologies?

Below are some of the aspects to choose us to provide SEO reseller services:

Simplified White Label SEO

You don't need to be an SEO guru while offer quality SEO services to your client. Our simplified SEO solutions will work effectively for your client's business. We will craft simplified SEO strategies that will work best for your clients.

Fast and Cost Effective

Our SEO gurus will devise the best SEO strategy that will work for your clients. That will save your time, and you don't have to work on planning SEO strategies. We offer competitive SEO reseller services that make us the leader in the field.

Focus on Client’s Satisfaction

Every client matter to us, and we work with dedication for their satisfaction. We ensure your every client is happy and satisfied with the SEO services. In the meantime, you can focus on expanding your business and marketing.

Real-Time Analytics

You don't need to wait anymore! We offer real-time analytics for every SEO campaign. This way, you have real-time reports and data at your fingertips. You can log in to our CMS panel any time or day to see current keyword rankings, organic traffic, and ROI.

Why Choose FloatingChip Technologies

How Our SEO Reseller Program Works

We are a leading SEO Reseller Company that helped thousands of businesses achieve their specific goals. Partnering with our SEO reseller program will let you access the team of highly proficient and devoted SEO experts.

As a leading white label SEO reseller agency, we staff specialized experts having years of experience in their domain. We have a full division of experts who are well versed with the modern advancements in the SEO arena.

Our SEO gurus stay up to date with the Google algorithms to ensure top-notch services. We utilize the proven SEO strategies measured through performance data and market research. Our experts are the amazing combination of skills and technology that makes us the leading SEO specialists.

Our goal is to deliver the best SEO reseller services to help you reach your business to its highest potential. We are proud of having highly skilled SEO experts who have advanced with every search engine.

You just need to take orders from your existing client base and leave everything to us. Partnering with us makes you experienced, skilled, and equipped with modern SEO tools. Don’t wait now; call us for the free quotes for the reseller programs.

Work With Us in Three Simple Steps

Just three simple steps will help to become an SEO Company without investing a penny.

Access To Full SEO Services

You will get the full range of selections for your SEO campaign management. The Floating Chip will remain entirely in the background. We will send all the reports and audits you can share with your clients. This way, you can increase one more portfolio in your business. Connect with our customer reps now!

Reporting Under Your Brand Name

All our reports and audits will include your brand name. That will be shared directly with the client using a generic email address. Like So that you can offer quality SEO services under your brand name. It will help you grow your business and become part of the most trending industry.

White Label SEO Project Management

You and your clients can access our white label content management system. We will provide you the login option to both of you so that you can check the campaign progress. You can also communicate with our team during the process. However, your client will never know of our existence.

real testimonials

What They
Say About Our

Michael Terry
Working with a Floating Chip was an absolute pleasure. The SEO experts' work and in-depth knowledge of SEO and digital marketing strategies are appreciable. They helped to expand our reach within the local customers for improved ROI.
Michael Terry
Emilia Clarke
We have used other SEO reseller programs in the past without many benefits. These guys have put effective efforts to keep our company in the top spot. Our phones are continuously ringing, and digital platform is providing dream revenues like never before.
Emilia Clarke
Cristian Torres
I am really impressed with the working style of Floating Chip Technologies. They are way ahead of other SEO agencies. Their expert staff knows what exactly is required to be done. With other agencies, it's just like hoping they will deliver what is being said.
Cristian Torres
Cristian Torres
The professional team of SEO experts under one roof to solve any digital marketing issues. They analyze the problem and know what exactly is required. They address every aspect of the problem and offer cost-effective and timely solutions. Thumbs up!
Cristian Torres
Cristian Torres
Floating Chip is a great SEO agency that focuses on delivering results. The staff is cooperative and helpful. You can access the real-time reports on the CMS panel so that you can analyze the progress. They deliver their every word and help you reach your goals.
Cristian Torres

Read Most Frequent Asked Questions

Why Should You Choose White Labeling SEO Services Reseller?

You can add one more portfolio in your services column without any investment. Now just focus on the growth and marketing of your business. We staff SEO experts having in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. Our experts offer customized SEO solutions to any business type.

What are the Most Popular SEO Reseller Services?

Link building, guest posting, content development, keyword optimization, website analysis, and detailed reports are some of the popular SEO reseller services. We offer the best SEO reseller services. Contact now for the best reseller programs.

How to Price SEO Services?

SEO pricing varies and depends upon various aspects like SEO plan, SEO provider, and more. However, we offer the most affordable SEO services without compromising the quality. Get the free SEO reseller plans now.

What is White Label SEO?
It is the process of providing SEO services for another company under its brand name. White label services can help other SEO and marketing agencies offer their clients online digital marketing services. This way, they don't have an in-house staff team of experts.
How Can You Resell SEO Services?

Reselling SEO services are simply selling specialized SEO services to other agencies on a white-label basis. These SEO resellers always work in the background and deliver better SEO results. That means other agencies can take credit for their work.

When My Clients Start Seeing the Rankings?

SEO requires tons of time and required investment. Usually, our clients start seeing positive results within a few months once we start the work. You can hope for the top five ranking within six to nine months. However, we have delivered faster results on various occasions.