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Understanding SEO Services

SEO services are among the most crucial services in digital marketing. Every internet or social media marketing agency expert is talking about investing in it. Hence, you need to know if your business is online – every business is today.

And that is why the need for reliable search engine optimization services has been steadily rising over the past few years. These service providers are dedicated to offering you the best digital marketing strategy by optimizing your website.

Today, we will be looking at everything you need to know about SEO strategies. This will include finding and working with a search engine optimization team that delivers the most reliable results.

What Are SEO Services?

There is so much fuss about search engine optimization (SEO). You will be surprised by just how much content is available on the internet. Unfortunately, not every article explains it best. And so, we are going to make it as simple as possible.

Many people today rely on internet marketing services for information and purchasing of goods. When they key in the search phrase in the search engine, they will meet a list of results arranged from the most relevant one. Most people will pick from the first few results on the first page.

The list seen on the search engine results page is created through search engine rankings. In other words, Google has a way of rewarding the most informative websites and pages by placing them on the results page.

SEO process seeks to find favor with these search engines and rank higher. It’s like helping your customers connect well with your business using different optimization methods. The main idea is to increase organic search traffic with a specific search engine.  

You can do this yourself from the time you create a website or social media platform. But then, it takes so much time and effort to get there. And that’s why it’s recommended that you hire professional SEO services.

An SEO company is a business established specifically to help companies improve their online presence. They understand everything about technical SEO, including keyword research and other tactics that will bring your website to the top.

Whether it’s off-page or on-page search engine optimization, you need someone who has a proper understanding of modern strategies. Increasing organic traffic and search rankings should be your major priority.

Understand that there are SEO services that use generic strategies, which may land you in trouble. So, as much as you want to appear on the top page of the SERP, it’s vital that you follow the most recommended methods. Always go for proven and trustworthy SEO experts – they will get you there.

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Common SEO Services / Solutions from Professional SEO Consultants

You may have heard terms like pay per click, on-page SEO, organic traffic, and much more. They are all part of the strategies for making your site visible. So, when someone talks about SEO strategy, here are some of the solutions that will be considered:

SEO Audit

An audit is one of the foundations for creating perfect organic search traffic on your site. An audit lets you discover areas that need improvements, even as you seek a successful SEO strategy. For this reason, every digital marketing strategy begins with a technical SEO audit to build a strong foundation.

An audit looks at the following aspects:

  • Your website. How is your website designed? What information do you have, and how often do you post? How do your customers interact with the site (UX and UI design)? All these are items that will help your curate the perfect SEO tactics.
  • Website analytics. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to use when you want to discover how your website is performing so far. You need to set this tool properly in place so that it gives you actionable data in a way that lets you make proper decisions.
  • Google Search Console Data. Google Analytics also comes with the search console data, which may tell you which strategies are working so far and which are not so good. With such data, you can easily make decisions that will increase your organic search results and help you grow.

SEO specialists may recommend different tactics for improving certain basic items of your site. You can use this data to develop strategies that will work better. Also, search engine optimization strategies are constantly changing, as search engines change their algorithms often. This further increases the need to review your website constantly.

Keyword Research

Part of improving your online visibility is creating content that is both informative and helpful to the reader. And as stated above, internet users will want to search for a specific piece of information. Hence, every content you post should have what is known as keywords.

Your content will not appear in the SERP if it does not have keywords that have the highest chance of touching your target audience. Hence, finding relevant keywords is among the most crucial aspects of any SEO strategy.

Keywords help your company to target potential customers by predicting and adapting to what they are most likely to search for. It’s like offering a solution ready so the client can get it quickly and conveniently.

What is keyword research?

We have already explained what keywords are and why you need them. So, what is keyword research?

This is the process of investigating the search volume, completion, and pay-per-click cost of the most relevant keywords to your niche. Keywords research helps you to discover valuable information that you can use to increase your standings on search engine results pages. The key terms are like locations that will bring the customer right where you want them when they use those specific words in their search.

Tools for keyword research

It is very hard to manually find the right keywords for your website, pages, and content. Luckily, many tools, like Surfer, can help you find the right keywords with their search volume. They will also show you how many times you can use the key terms in your content.

Keyword Research

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Content Creation

Content Creation

Content is the backbone of your SEO strategy. You can only attract customers to your web page if you have the content they need. Your online marketing strategy will be nearly impossible if you don’t provide your readers or viewers with the most relevant and updated content.

And this is one area where keyword research comes in handy. You can only create relevant content after doing extensive keyword research. This is because your content should include the most important terms in your niche.

There are several types of content used in creating and managing SEO techniques. You can use images, blogs, articles, videos, and much more. For instance, you can decide to use articles and product descriptions to capture buyers in the early stages of your sales funnel.

Popular content includes:

Long-form content

Any content that is more than 2000 words is called long form. Such content provides lots of useful and in-depth information for the reader. It digs deeper into the topics related to that industry, helping the readers to make more informed decisions. Long-form content comes in handy when you want to give your readers details about the topic. Your post can include everything the reader may want to know about the subject showing how much you understand it.


We have all seen blogs on the internet. They are the most popular content because Google loves fresh and useful content. Blogs offer the perfect atmosphere for updating and adding new content to your site. Blog posts are usually shorter, carrying about 1000 words and below. Readers love following them because they are informative, updated, and very interesting.

A service page

Every website is created for a specific purpose. Service pages explain the services you offer, letting your customers choose what they want easily. Potential clients love to read about website offers and even compare them with competitors. And that is why service pages are very important.

Product Description

Potential customers want to know what the product is and the features that separate it from others. This is where you can use product descriptions to the best of your ability. These are pages that inform readers of the specifics of your product. Such a page can make or break a sale depending on how much information you provide and how you do it.

Videos and Images

Videos and photos are very important pieces of social media marketing. Social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter use many images to attract followers. This is because such content is much easier for a user to digest and relate to.

Developing a proper social media strategy can offer a great boost in driving traffic to your website. You must always find good and fresh content to keep your followers engaged. And then link them to blogs or long-form content on-site that offer more information on the topic.

Product Description

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Off-Page SEO Services

Off-Page SEO Services

You must take certain actions outside your website to improve your ranking with search engines. This strategy is called off-page SEO. It is among the most important factors to consider in your digital marketing strategy.

Off-page optimization is all about working on your off-site ranking. Any leading search engine seeks information that improves a user’s perspective. This can come when you focus on your website’s relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. You can use internet links to other authoritative people, pages, sites, and forums.  

Here are some of the activities you will be working on:

Backlink creation

Link building is at the heart of off-page optimization. Search engines use these links to determine the current and the linked content quality together. A site that has many high-quality backlinks often ranks better than those that don't have any. Types of backlinks include: Natural links. These are links given editorially, without any influence from the page owner. If a food blogger adds a link that points to a popular produce farm, they have created a natural link. Manually built links. These are the links you create deliberately. For instance, you can get customers to link to their site or ask an influencer to share your post. Self-created links. These come by adding backlinks in an online directory, forum, or similar areas. The link contains optimized key texts. You need to focus on using natural backlinks as they promise the most equity. They should link to popular sites related to the linked site and bear an authoritative domain and page.

None-link related off-page strategies

While links are very crucial in off-page optimization, they are not the only strategy. You can do many other activities outside your website that will also bring in traffic. Here are some of the items SEO specialists work on: Social media marketing. As mentioned above, social media could be an incredible strategy for making your website more popular. Interacting regularly with your followers through useful content goes a long way in making them trust you. Guest blogging. Another great strategy is creating guest blogs for other sites. You can write this content for another website and link to your pages. Mentions. You can use linked and unlinked mentions in guest blogs and social media pages to pull more traffic to your page. Influencer marketing. Let influencers mention and link your website or pages on their posts. This is one of the best ways to reach out to a larger audience. Off-page optimization is all about taking advantage of human behaviors like sharing and referencing. A good SEO service provider will suggest the best ways to leverage these strategies for the best results.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is perhaps the most popular strategy out there. It can help you to create organic traffic, appear in Google searches and rank higher when done right. Unlike off-site SEO, on-site SEO is the process of optimizing the website internally.

It focuses on the most important factors that increase website traffic. Such factors include content, speed, and design of the site and specific web pages. This is one of the areas where you will need the most reputable search engine optimization company. Some of the methods required here are quite delicate, and not just anyone can do it.

On-page strategies from SEO experts include:

Page speed

How fast does your page load? Not many users will want to associate with it if it does not happen within three seconds. To improve the page or user expereince you need to more focus on page speed optimization.

User Interface and Responsiveness

Modern internet users rely more on smartphones. Therefore, you need to make sure they will get the same search results experience as they would on a desktop. That means hiring SEO marketing services that understand how to make your website and pages more responsive.

Title tags, Meta descriptions, page titles, and page copy

These are areas of your website that require consideration. Any good SEO agency will not let you post anything until each aspect is sorted. They are all part of creating the perfect on-page SEO strategy. You can hire an experienced on-page SEO service to handle all these techniques. They will take from you the need to struggle to understand what every method means and how best to use it.


Only the best SEO services will know the importance of images in on-site optimization. Readers can easily get bored and unengaged with your content. Elements like images, graphics, and videos can help in keeping them engaged.

Quality content

Nothing works better in the world of SEO than high-quality content. Within it are the aspects of quality link building with proper word count, keywords, and information. The content should also read easily, load fast, and be unique. This is also an area you can do with the services of a reliable SEO expert.

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How to Choose the Best SEO Service Providers

SEO can be quite expensive. Luckily, there are many affordable SEO services that will give you excellent services while ensuring you don’t stretch your budget too far.

Choosing a professional SEO company is an investment that you will never regret. They will not only get you ranking high on Google searches but will also keep you there with constant updates.

But since there are so many service providers, finding the right SEO company can look like a huge hurdle. We have offered some tips here that should make your work much easier. An affordable SEO service does not mean just picking any SEO team for their low prices.

Understand Your Needs

Your SEO campaign should focus more on what you need than what the SEO company may be offering. It's only by establishing your needs that you can get the right. For example, choose a company that has expertise in e-commerce SEO if that is your niche. Such a company will know the niche properly and what customers expect from a site like yours. They will therefore do everything possible to fulfill your needs.

Don't Just Think SEO

Most people mistakenly focus more on a specific aspect of their strategies – like on-page SEO tactics. As much as that may bring you the results you need, it's important to think beyond and consider long-term impact. Generally, companies that focus on actual sales and conversations are primary performance metrics. Such a company probably has skills in Conversation Optimization, which automatically comes when your site starts getting healthy traffic with improved search engine rankings. Consider a company with knowledge in advanced SEO or uses a tech-enabled SEO process to bring out the best results. Conversion rate optimization is a key indicator of reliability for such companies.


If you are looking for the best local SEO strategies, you are better off hiring a local SEO company. Target keywords are among Google's and other search engines' major SEO ranking factors. A local SEO company will better understand the market and use keywords designed for that specific market. In other words, don't just choose any SEO company because it offers a great deal. Consider the specific factors that you want to see in your ranking factors. This will help you find a service that you can work with directly to effectively cover the local market.

Understand the Risks of Low-cost SEO Agencies

Choosing a low-cost SEO service provider can be tempting to reduce costs. But you may be doing the opposite as such companies come with huge risks. The SEO company does not only get you ranking, but it can create long-term damage to your site and domain. Bad SEO techniques will get you in trouble with major search engines. For instance, a Google penalty can create a significant traffic decline on your site. So, consider a company that has a good reputation without focusing so much on its prices.

Wherever Possible, Visit the Company

Meeting SEO companies on social media platforms seem convenient when you can't meet in person. However, the best SEO experts like inviting clients to visit their offices and meet the teams. The best SEO companies should be transparent enough and willing to bring you on board at any time. This is most important where the local SEO campaign is concerned. You can meet the team and discuss everything that affects that market in person and how to develop a workable strategy. A company that is keen to understand your goals and business model will do this.


The SEO process can be quite daunting. And that is why most companies have created SEO packages to meet various user needs. However, you need to be very careful because it's never about how much you are paying but how the value that comes out. It's better to spend $2000 on an SEO company that produces results that to spend $500 on one that offers, not values your business. Using a digital marketing agency services that does not perform is like using paid advertising without getting any sales. You need results for a good return on your investment. Hence, ensure the company has a proven track record.


How long has the agency operated? What is their experience in keyword rankings? What are other users saying about it? These are important questions when looking for the best SEO service. A company that has been on the market for a long time will understand the trends and best ways of keeping your site updated.

Be Careful With Guarantees

Search engine crawlers are always updated, changing their algorithms. This makes it very hard to have specific SEO strategies that do it all. So, be very careful with a company that guarantees results. No one knows for sure where their site will rank once the optimization is completed. Google offers search marketing tips for its customers. They have provided a video on how to hire an SEO agency and stand a chance for organic search visibility.

Steps to SEO Success

Search optimization is a process that takes time and energy. Even with the best SEO tools at your disposal, you need to be very to get organic results. Most SEO agencies have specific steps they follow, which they share with their customers. You need to understand these methods so that you can measure the results at every stage.

Here are the general steps:

Setting Your Goals

The first step is to set your goals. Effective SEO services start by understanding your goals and then developing a strategy that will work to bring out the best results.

Researching Keywords

A primary aspect of website optimization is the use of target keywords. In-depth research of the terms is required to ensure you offer exactly what your customers are looking for. You do this by checking the keyword volume, competition, and opportunities.


Implementation is not the final step of your perfect SEO strategy. You must follow up on strategies and ensure everything works out perfectly. Change anything that does not seem to deliver results.

SEO Audit

You should already have something running on your website. Your main goal should, therefore, be to improve your internet marketing tactics. This process begins by checking your site to understand what's working and not.

Making a Plan

It's crucial to create a good plan for delivering your optimization strategy. For instance, which keywords will go in the meta descriptions, how will you create and post quality content, and how will you get more traffic to your site. This is like a map that you will follow to get where you need to be.

Changing Ideas

Hiring a reliable SEO consultant can save you a lot of time and money. These companies offer SEO packages for small businesses that come with site performance data analysis. Such information can be useful in modifying and improving your strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding what the competition brings you a better understanding of what you need to do differently. If you are working with an SEO team, they will use the information to leverage your company's strengths to keep you competitive in the market.


After creating a plan, the next step should be implemented. You now start working on on-page optimization by creating content, researching keywords, increasing page speed, and more. The success of your strategy depends so much on your planning more than anything else.

Creating Content

There is no SEO optimization without content. You must always create useful, relevant, and updated content for your customers. This can be costly, too, if you need to hire a content creator. Luckily, reputable companies offer affordable SEO packages that may include content creation and everything you need to rank high.

6 Reasons Why You Need Professional SEO Consultant

When investing in an SEO services reseller or similar services, you must consider its professionalism. Sometimes it looks much easier just doing the job yourself, which never ends well. Here is why you should consider top SEO companies.

They Do All the Hard Work as You Concentrate on Your Business

Running a business can drain you of energy. You have so much to worry about in every operation to have your business running smoothing. It can be quite overwhelming. SEO experts will do all the hard work, including creating content and SEO link-building services that bring more customers to your business. You will find every service with specific skills to keep your business running. For instance, an eCommerce SEO service for jewelers is dedicated to jewelry dealers, while an eCommerce SEO service is for those who work in the online shopping industry.

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They Have the Right Experience

One of the main tasks of an SEO expert is to offer an SEO technical audit service. This means looking at your site's current performance and offering solutions that improve it further. Then there are on-page SEO services and off-page strategies. All these tactics require skills. You don't have the skills necessary to grow in this field. So, let the experts deal with it as you focus on other more demanding tasks in your business.

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You Have Some Peace of Mind

You can benefit a lot from a high-quality link-building service. This allows you to rest more peacefully knowing a professional is working on your site. Whether it's SEO for an insurance agency or dental SEO marketing, the results are always the same – a well-organized and fruitful marketing campaign. The professionals will come with the knowledge and expertise to help you create a campaign that is sure to deliver results. You will notice that the services are offered in different SEO packages, giving you a solution that meets your needs. So, hiring professionals might be your only shot.

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Automatic Traffic to Your Website

An SEO strategy mainly aims to drive more traffic to your site. And the more traffic you get, the more conversions you get. With a professional SEO audit service, you will understand what gives your site more traffic and change what doesn't. A reliable SEO agency will boost your site's ranking, driving traffic automatically. Your site will be selling even when you are asleep at night. It only takes an experienced team to create such an environment.

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Automatic Tracking

Agency rank tracking is a service that keeps tabs on the performance of your website. In other words, there is always someone monitoring your campaign, even when you are asleep.

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They Are Affordable

Even if you don't have money for full SEO plans, there are always SEO cheap packages that will create a good foundation for you. Besides, you need to look at the price in terms of the value you get rather than what you are paying. It's better to pay more for YouTube SEO services that bring more viewers and ads to your site than cheap ones that don't have any value.

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Why Floatingchip is the Best SEO Agency for your Business?

Search engine optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing, but it’s not very easy. You need a highly qualified and trustworthy SEO service to meet your marketing goals by increasing your online visibility, boosting credibility, and pulling more traffic. Floatingchip is that agency.

We Do Thorough Research for Every Strategy

Our SEO gurus will devise the best SEO strategy that will work for your clients. That will save your time, and you don't have to work on planning SEO strategies. We offer competitive SEO reseller services that make us the leader in the field. Every client matter to us, and we work with dedication for their satisfaction. We ensure every client is happy and satisfied with the SEO services. In the meantime, you can focus on expanding your business and marketing.

Advanced SEO Services

Advanced SEO means a set of methods that follow a higher degree of knowledge and expertise. It requires a deeper understanding of Google's algorithm. You can count on us for high-quality link building, advanced off-page SEO service, advanced on-page SEO service, and log file analysis. 

If you need advanced SEO tips, our team is more than ready to offer them at no extra cost. We aim to support every customer by any means necessary to achieve their marketing goals.

We are Simply the Best in SEO

We use website auditing to develop the best strategy to meet your specific needs.:Meta tags and descriptions, alt text, URL Structure, etc.; these are some key areas where we incorporate the most important keywords. 

We will do everything to make your business visible to the world. Call us today, and let's start working on your website.

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Read Most Frequent Asked Questions

Does your SEO work for all major search engines?

Yes. Even though every search engine may have different algorithms, they are all set on the same internet. You built your site on the internet, not the search engine, which is why your SEO will work on all of them.

How do I know which type of SEO I need?

You can tell the type of SEO you need based on your niche and most immediate needs. There are different types designed for specific needs. For instance, local SEO is best for the local area, e-commerce is best for selling products online, and enterprise SEO is best for large businesses.

What is Technical SEO?

As the name suggests, technical SEO focuses on the site's more complex and specialized parts. It aims to improve organic search results by making user experience through speed, crawlability, and fixing indexing problems.

Can you perform an SEO audit on my website?

Yes. We have several levels of audits, from basic to more in-depth analyses, to meet different needs. Reach out if you need an audit; we will be more than willing to assist.

What is Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is a process of optimizing SEO sites. It includes setting up a proper online shop, product descriptions, loading speeds, and much more. The price varies depending on the package you choose.

How much do SEO services cost?

The cost varies depending on the SEO agency and their packages. It can cost you anything from $1000 to $10000 per month.

How Does SEO work?

SEO works by improving the features of your website to rank with search engine results pages. Search engines crawl your site to see what it is about. Some on-site SEO works directly on the site, and off-site SEO uses backlinks, social media, and similar strategies.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization your website to rank with search engines. You can increase your online visibility once your brand's internet presence has been optimized.

What are SEO services?

SEO services are companies that help other companies to improve their online presence by working on their SEO marketing. Instead of creating your own strategy, you hire someone else to do it for you.

Are there different types of SEO services?

Yes. There are three primary types of SEO services; on-page, strategic SEO, and off-page SEO. Each type is crucial to bringing more traffic to your website. Hiring a professional SEO company can deliver all these services as a package.