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Our digital marketing services are crafted to fulfill the needs of small businesses, website owners, and enterprises. FloatingChip Internet Technologies is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our team of dynamic and expert digital marketing analyst doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors to attract potential customers. We firmly believe in our SEO and marketing skills to drive more businesses partnering with us.

We Deliver What We Promise

Our services of digital marketing explore a wide range of dimensions. That means we are not limited to a specific industry. We offer top-notch digital marketing services to businesses of any size and domain. We help website owners make their mark on the digital platform with engaging traffic. That makes us the leading digital marketing services company.

We staff creative digital marketing experts with multi-layered skills. As digital marketing is a fantastic and continuous learning process. Our every expert adapts quickly and learns on their own. That’s why we provide high-end customized solutions to our every client. Many online digital marketing services rely on the one-type solution to fit every approach. We analyze the problem and then create a fruitful strategy for improved ROI.

Our digital marketing services are beautifully packaged with engaging plans. So that you enjoy quality internet marketing services every time. Our experts analyze your goals and offer the best suitable plan to fulfill your business objective. Consider FloatingChip as an extension of your team to achieve your digital marketing goals. We are not just one of the digital marketing agencies under the sky.

We believe in healthy working relationships. That means we never make false promises and deliver quality substance. We are the perfect combination of quality and affordability. We ensure maximizing your budget to provide you with a higher ROI. We have earned a reputation with our working style and effective results.

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Social Media Marketing

Our experts create and manage top-performing and engaging social media campaigns.

Web Development

We create, publish, and promote content for improved web traffic and engagement.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO gurus get you more website traffic, more customers, and online visibility.

Content Marketing

We help you offer the solutions that your potential consumers are searching for.

What are Digital Marketing Services?

Marketing has amazingly changed in the last couple of decades. We have seen the era of TV ads and print ads. Slowly we moved towards the world of websites, emails, social media, and Google. And gradually, the concept of digital marketing developed.

Digital marketing is also known as an online marketing. Digital marketing services creatively utilize the internet and communication tools digitally. It helps businesses to promote brands and offer them, potential customers. It is not only limited to emails; social media marketing and web-based ads play an essential role.

Text and multimedia messages are other marketing tools. Effective digital marketing services work for you even when you are sleeping. Our expert marketing geniuses build effective strategies that work for you 24×7. FloatingChip will never let you miss a single opportunity to explore your potential customers.

Always Be Ahead of Your Competitors

The modern competitive world demands an engaging online presence. Partnering with the best digital marketing services is the only way to achieve this objective. We devise customized, strong, and creative digital strategies. So that every business owner, website owner, and enterprise fulfills their dream goal.

Digital marketing services include many more things. Which are social media marketing, internet marketing services, online marketing services, digital marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, and more. Our experts also offer eCommerce digital marketing services and b2b digital marketing services.

When you have a clear goal, the right mindset, and need effective digital marketing services. We are your dream destination. Our digital marketing services for small businesses, individuals, and big enterprises have always proved successful. It’s time to improve your presence on the digital platform with style. We also offer the best SEO Services Reseller help

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Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

FloatingChip Internet Technologies offer comprehensive digital marketing services. That includes powerful SEO, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, mobile ads, Google ads, PPC, display advertising, and more.

We provide full-time analysis and real-time data to our clients. So that they are continuously aware of their marketing campaigns and analyze our strategy. This way, you can also be part of every digital marketing campaign, and your suggestions are appreciated.

Our experts are always available to discuss marketing strategies. So that we can work on what is working and what is not. Our effective online marketing strategy and marketing efforts will get you improved business.

Digital marketing is a broad term and includes all types of online marketing services. Utilizing perfect digital marketing services, you achieve your goals smoothly. Below we will see some of the amazing benefits of digital marketing services. 

Benefits of FloatingChip Internet Technologies Digital Marketing Services

We offer the best digital marketing services to improve your online presence. Our digital marketing specialists leave no stone unturned to suit your needs. Below are just a trailer of what you are going to achieve with our digital marketing solutions:

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Why Choose FloatingChip Technologies?

Our digital marketing services are cost-effective and offer quality substance in every campaign.

Fast, Cost-Effective & Client's Satisfaction

Our SEO gurus will devise the best SEO strategy that will work for your clients. That will save your time, and you don't have to work on planning SEO strategies. We offer competitive SEO reseller services that make us the leader in the field. Every client matter to us, and we work with dedication for their satisfaction. We ensure every client is happy and satisfied with the SEO services. In the meantime, you can focus on expanding your business and marketing.

Real-Time Analytics

You don't need to wait anymore! We offer real-time analytics for every SEO campaign. This way, you have real-time reports and data at your fingertips. You can log in to our CMS panel any time or day to see current keyword rankings, organic traffic, and ROI.

ROI Obsessed

It's time to yield positive ROI with our SEO strategies. You are a small business person or a big enterprise; it does not matter. Our experts solely focus on the improved ROI. Your earnings make us successful. You will always generate a positive result partnering with us.

Scalable Campaigns

Are you launching s startup with limited capital? No worries! Want to test our functioning before becoming a part of the SEO reseller program? No problem with us! Our experts offer structured campaigns to enjoy seamless scalability. Improve revenue with our tested model.

How FloatingChip Creates Hyper Business Growth

FloatingChip provides high-quality, comprehensive digital marketing services to rank you higher in the SERPs. Connect with the potential audiences for higher revenue.

I Want More Leads

We staff innovative and dynamic digital marketers who offer customized solutions for every business, individual, and enterprise.

I Want More Sales

We keep track of daily reports and analytics to analyze the factors necessary for the conversion rates.

I Want to Be Found Locally

Our SEO agency helps local business owners to be noticed by the consumers for improved sales and ROI.

Service We Provide

Content Marketing

Our digital marketing agencies offer quality content marketing strategies and techniques.

Web Development

We staff web developers with years of experience offering Website Design & Development Services.

Social Media Marketing

Our social marketing gurus are well versed with every latest social media platform to pull traffic.


Our SEO experts work with any business type and size to improve conversion for better ROI.

Graphics Design

Our creative experts offer engaging graphic design for improved engagement and conversions.

PPC Page

We staff PPC specialists to provide the best results on every penny spent on Google Ads.

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Off Page SEO

What are The Main Digital Marketing Channels?

Before selecting a digital marketing company, consider your brand’s most effective marketing channels. Every business is different. And you must consider some vital factors before hiring a digital marketing service provider.

What are business goals? What is your brand? What is your target audience? What are your marketing goals? And finally, what is your monthly marketing budget? Analyzing these aspects will help you hire the best digital marketing agency.

All digital marketing channels play an effective role in offering the best strategies. These digital channels harmoniously complement each other. However, which channel is most effective for you depends upon the factors that we outlined above. Below we will discuss the five most effective channels. They are trending and have a proven record of improving digital marketing efforts.

Video Marketing

It is one of the most powerful and trending digital marketing channels. And likely to be dominant for at least a decade. Why digital marketing agency should incorporate video in their strategy? Firstly, around seventy percent of the consumers reported that they had shared a brand's video. Secondly, seventy-Two percent of the businesses reported video has amazingly improved the conversion rate. Thirdly, fifty-Two percent of consumers suggested watching a brand's video makes them confident. It positively affects their purchasing decisions. And lastly, sixty-five percent of executives call vendors after watching the video. Video marketing is an essential digital marketing service. Best digital marketing companies always use videos to boost website traffic and improve conversions. Our digital marketing company makes video blogs based on your blog content. Our experts will smartly embed videos in blog posts. It will attract readership and conversion. Moreover, you will get more mileage out of your content.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest, cheapest, and most important digital marketing channel. Reports suggest it has the highest ROI comparing other marketing techniques. You can get excellent returns with email marketing. That means $38 for every $1 you spend. However, twenty percent of businesses are getting $70 for every $1 spent. Our digital marketers know how to use email marketing to increase your customers and sales effectively. Email marketing also empowers you to get in touch with your potential customers. You can inform your customers about upcoming events, new services, or products. Our email marketing specialists help you get updated email lists. Moreover, we help you run personalized email marketing campaigns and incorporate a clear "Call to Action." That will result in improved click-through rates. Call for the best email marketing services now!

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Social Media Marketing

Marketing professionals effectively use social media platforms for digital advertising. Expert digital marketers always leverage social media platforms for actionable insights. These platforms are seventy-three percent more effective than traditional marketing. We assign a dedicated account manager for efficient social media management. More than seventy percent of the consumers with a positive experience with brands found on social media recommend it to their peers and friends. Social media management is one of the prime digital marketing agency services. Our experts help you with social media ads for the target market. We strive to boost social media engagement by tagging and to analyze every post's results for effective social media management. Our marketers have decades of experience in managing all social media platforms. That makes us the leading internet marketing company.

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Content Marketing

It is another effective digital marketing channel to produce higher ROI. It helps digital marketing companies generate three times more leads. Leads are the individuals who are likely to buy your products or services. Content marketing improves online marketing campaigns, and businesses get loyal customers. Pieces of content marketing include blog posts, infographics, news, video content, case studies, webinars, and white papers. All these are excellent lead magnets. Our digital marketing company staff specialized content marketing experts for local businesses. To increase traffic and leads, you must deliver consistent and high-quality content. This kind of traffic is unpaid and generated by the people who find your website on search engines. Our digital marketing firm helps you create great content and promote it. Get the best content writing services.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization and has the ability to streamline marketing campaigns. This effective digital marketing method is different than traditional marketing. A professional internet marketing company consistently invests in SEO. Search engine optimization has the ability to generate highly connectable traffic. Our experts know how to implement good SEO techniques to optimize your visibility online. That means the more visible you are in the digital world, the more traffic you generate. We help increase your chances of providing your services or products to a large number of people.

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Businesses online must use PPC marketing to get the top search positions. One benefit of using specialty services like PPC is that you are only charged when the user clicks your ad. Our internet marketing company offers high-quality PPC marketing services. Perfect Pay Per Click Management offers an extreme level of control of your business. You can boost ad spending for a specific area, demographics, and workable queries. This way, you reduce ad spending on the areas that don't work. Our PPC specialists help you squeeze every penny for a better return on investment. Call us now!

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  • Social Media Marketing
  • 3.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 10 Free Optimization
  • 5 Press Releases

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Monthly Package

  • Social Media Marketing
  • 5.100 Keywords
  • One Way Link Building
  • 15 Free Optimization
  • 10 Press Releases

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Read Most Frequent Asked Questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also sometimes known as online marketing. It uses digital platforms and the internet to promote brands, grow business, increase online visibility, and connect with potential customers. The digital marketing agencies provide all the services required for digital marketing. Professional marketers use various platforms to strategize campaigns.

What are the top 10 types of digital marketing?

The ten top digital marketing techniques are as follows. Search engine optimization or SEO, Search engine management or SEM, Social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, online advertising, landing page marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, and video marketing. Digital marketers use a combination of these techniques for their marketing campaigns.

What are the best digital marketing services?

Digital marketing agency offers many digital marketing services to clients. Some of them are SEO, content marketing, PPC, guest posting, social media marketing, video marketing, etc. You must enquire about these services before hiring a digital marketer for you. Also, go through the review and past records to know their knowledge and efficiency.

What kinds of services do digital marketing agencies offer?

Digital marketing agencies offer various kinds of services to online businesses. These services depend upon your business nature, size, etc. The best digital marketers understand your business objectives and strategize campaigns accordingly. Besides that, you should see results faster and be able to track the daily reports. Enquire a few things before hiring a digital marketing agency.

How do I choose a digital marketing agency?

You must select the digital marketing agency according to your services. Then determine your budget and analyze the expertise of the agency. Go through their prices and offers. Also, ask for their short and long-term plans. The digital marketing agency should offer you transparency and give you better ROI. This will help you to select the best agency.

How much do digital marketing services cost?

The digital marketing services cost depends upon various factors. The type of services you want to receive and what are your business's objectives. The size of your company and the scale of your budget also decide the final castings. However, professional digital marketing services should provide affordable prices with the best quality.

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