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A Thorough Manual for Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Are you an entrepreneur? LinkedIn has completely changed how companies communicate with one another in this era of Digital Marketing. You may fruitfully utilize Linkedin’s Sales Navigator tool to your advantage to boost your online sales.

Today, organizations of all sizes rely on LinkedIn to find new employees throughout the world. This platform has more than 720 million users, and its size and worth continue to increase daily.

LinkedIn is currently a key priority for marketers looking to boost their digital marketing portfolio in addition to recruiting. Marketers view LinkedIn as a precious complement to their overall marketing strategy because of the opportunities it offers, from making connections to generating leads and building more substantial brand value.

B2B Lead Gen Linkedin

LinkedIn has significantly impacted B2B marketing, among other factors. With about 700 million companies from more than 200 countries using this network, it is currently a priceless asset for B2B companies.

According to research, 94% of B2B marketers share their material on LinkedIn. B2B company owners and CEOs are attempting to establish themselves as LinkedIn influencers by developing their brands through narrative posts in order to expand their organic reach, raise their brand awareness, and ultimately increase their sales.

On LinkedIn, sales representatives are creating sales funnels that eventually boost sales generation, so they are not falling behind. The LinkedIn tool called Sales Navigator was created to advance this procedure.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is more akin to a tailored version of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is already a potent tool for social media marketing services, but Sales Navigator has many more capabilities to help you quickly locate prospects in your market.

What Is the Sales Navigator on LinkedIn?

As an apex social selling tool, LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it simpler for you to locate potential clients who are the right fit for your company.

It accomplishes this by providing comprehensive filtering options based on user information, enabling you to search extensively to locate the precise prospects you require.

Sales navigator professionals use Sales Navigator to check through important leads, keep track of their activity, and find close contacts to get in touch with. This enables them to improve their sales by creating efficient funnels, which puts them one step ahead of the competition.

For whom Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Intended?

For B2B sales, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a must-have tool. Everyone on LinkedIn has access to the premium feature known as Sales Navigator.

There might be different types of subscriptions. In accordance with your demands and the size of your organization, you can choose an individual, team, or enterprise subscription option.

How to Make Use of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Launch Your Free Trial

Visit the Sales Navigator page and select “Start Your Free Trial” as your first step. For 30 days, LinkedIn is offering free use of Sales Navigator. To make the most of that in your first month, be sure to utilize it fully.

To register for this promotion, you must give your credit card details. Furthermore, no fees will be assessed if you terminate your subscription before the trial period expires.

The Sales Navigator tool, which is a distinct platform in itself, will subsequently navigate your way. Nothing you do here will have an impact on your LinkedIn account in its regular capacity.

Sales Navigator Integration

As soon as you create an account, you must adjust your Linkedin integrations. Your sales navigator Linkedin account can be customized by choosing preferences for occupations, industry sectors, and geographic areas you want to target.

You will initially have the choice in the Sales Navigator to save your current LinkedIn contacts as leads. To import all of your contacts and accounts, you may also connect Sales Navigator with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365. Using other CRMs gives you many more possibilities for integrating LinkedIn with those programs.

You have now completed the initial steps of creating your account. Now, you may explore and save the businesses that Sales Navigator recommends. You may track new leads, stay up to current on updates, and get company-specific news by adding an organization to your account.

It ensures you are familiar with a potential consumer before your initial interaction. You can skip this step and add the companies later if you are unsure about which ones to preserve right now.

The information about the kinds of leads you’re looking for must be filled out last. You can put details here about your target job functions, industry interests, and sales region.

Discover Prospects And Leads

Once you’ve finished setting your account options, you should look for prospects and create lead lists. Using Linkedin for lead generation is a staple outcome of Sales navigator tools.

Use the Lead Builder tool, a feature of the Sales Navigator that allows advanced search criteria, as an easy method to accomplish Linkedin lead generation. It’s crucial for anyone using Sales Navigator to understand how to use Lead Builder.

You can do a search for particular enterprises or job titles to hone your search parameters. When you are finished specifying your search criteria, select search to view the results. Compared to LinkedIn’s basic version, Sales Navigator’s findings will provide you with more effective information.

Filter the choices for sales

You can find Sales Preferences in the center of your Sales Navigator profile’s settings screen. Besides, you may select your ideal clients based on their industry, location, job potential, and business size.

You may see a prospect’s preferences whenever you view their profile. Additionally, LinkedIn will present lead recommendations depending on your choices.

On Sales Navigator, this prospecting tool is essentially the best. In addition, you can perform a sophisticated search on leads or accounts. You can apply one of more than 20 search filters to your search. There are many more of them, such as keywords, titles, and business fields.

Review Your Saved Leads

You may follow all the most recent developments and information pertaining to your saved leads on the Sales Navigator webpage.

With Sales Navigator, you can view updates from people who aren’t connected to you, which is a benefit. With the assistance of Content Marketing Services, you can write more engaging InMail messages (direct communications) to your prospects using all these insights nicely.

You may also utilize Linkedin sales navigator search filters on the right side of the page to restrict the audience for your updates.

You’ll find a list of the businesses you’ve saved under the Accounts tab. You may learn more about a company by selecting the View Account option. You can search for and add new people there and get the most recent details about their businesses.

Additionally, you may select the “All Employees” option to view every employee of that business. This feature is remarkable because it allows you to connect with every employee in the organization at any time.

Create Connections

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You have now identified your prospects and are keeping a close eye on them. How can you get in touch with them now?

Sending timely and relevant communications to your essential accounts is the finest approach you can take to staying in touch with them. You can keep up with the LinkedIn activity of your buyer with the aid of Sales Navigator.

You can decide when to get in touch and send them an email. Design your messaging and template in a way that encourages fruitful dialogue. And that kind of relationship-building approach will lead to success in social selling.

Employ Sales Navigator Insights

If you master how to use Sales Navigator’s capabilities properly, you can employ several things to have an extraordinary impact. Sales Navigator, for instance, may suggest leads based on your usage and profile data if you need new leads.

Again, Sales Navigator enables you to add notes and tags to the client profile if you have a promising yet time-consuming prospect. It integrates seamlessly with your CRM as well..

Additionally, Sales Navigator will increase your visibility if you’re concerned about inbound LinkedIn marketing. Consequently, you may see who recently viewed your profile. In this manner, you can identify those already considering your company or yourself.

Provide Value to Prospects

Prospects who complete the “Interests” part of their profile on LinkedIn are actually doing you an enormous favor. They’re giving you a long list of topics you can utilize as a result, including:

  • A topic of conversation to better understand their personalities and priorities.
  • A strategy outlines how your business and its products may satisfy their needs.

Finding out what motivates your leads and figuring out how to offer them the value they want through your products is a fantastic strategy. It will give you a significant advantage over competitors who are reluctant to tailor their approach to their leads.

In a nutshell, larger brands should use the Sales Navigator platform for improved sales pathways and more effective workflow, while smaller enterprises and sales organizations should first try out the free edition to determine whether it’s worth investing in at a given moment.

In brief, using Linkedin Sales Navigator is as crucial as website design services from an organization’s point of view.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use LinkedIn sales Navigator 2022?

Here is a really easy LinkedIn Sales Navigator technique that can improve your lead soliciting and provide you with a completely new list of qualified leads.

  • Go to Sales Navigator's search box.
  • Select your target market by searching.
  • Choose any result from the list of leads.
  • Click "View similar."
Does LinkedIn sales Navigator really work?

Yes, in a nutshell. Sales Navigator offers you access to a variety of tools and data that can have a significant impact on your activity and business, whether you work in sales or operate your own company.

With the help of the sales intelligence platform Sales Navigator, you can create and maintain relationships with your potential clients and coworkers at a scale that would otherwise be impossible.

Is LinkedIn sales Navigator free?

With your LinkedIn account, you can join up for a free trial of the Sales Navigator tool. Only members who do not presently have a paid subscription to LinkedIn and who have not participated in a free trial during the previous 365 days are eligible for the trial. After the trial period it is not free at all.


How do I use LinkedIn for sales?

Please follow the useful parameters:

  • Find relationships and clients who are highly focused.
  • Stay significant to prospective clients.
  • Expand your email marketing database.
  • Make use of sponsored updates.
  • Post just the best content possible.
  • Give your employees names and faces.
  • Join organizations and stay active.