Web Analytics

What is it?

Web analytics is the analysis of your website and giving you the performance statistics loopholes of your site. Web analytics delivers information about business sites, visitors and their behavior. It’s done so that you can find information about them, measure what’s bringing you traffic and what is wrong, and improve your website’s performance and conversion rates.


Why you need it?

Web analytics gives you the leverage to track where your web traffic is coming from. The particular type of blog posts, topics, and pages that are attracting most traffic. Which day of the week is the busiest regarding traffic, and what sort of keywords people are typing in the search engines to arrive at your website. Web analytics also help you track your traffic flow directions and sources, and also the traffic that converts to sale leads, and where those leads come from. This kind of customer information related to their searching patterns and the kind of pages they land is invaluable in helping you to maximize your online marketing and sales; generation leads as well as improving the user experience. Through the use of web analytics, it becomes possible and straightforward for you to identify the best ways to publish your articles, blogs and other topics of interest to your potential readers.

It gives you a  glimpse and an idea of what category of the web content that will best serve the requirements of your online audience. This will immensely help you to make informed and correct decisions on the types of online courses, eBooks, podcasts or additional informational products to offer to your potential clients. You can exactly know the best way to spend your online marketing budget. The keywords to target for Google Adwords, phrases to focus on for your ongoing search engine optimization efforts and similar attributes will be crystal clear to go on with planning your budget. You can decide whether a dedicating time to social media marketing is worth for your business. Web analytics helps you determine whether you should continue your engagement and endeavors across multiple platforms or focus your attention on just one social network. With web analytics, it is efficient to identify additional marketing opportunities for more leads and traffic. Not analyzing the current state of your website data, traffic visitors and conversions, it’s impossible for you to know to know the areas need to be further developed or improved? Ignoring web analytics equals placing a NO ENTRY sign for opportunities to improve the functionality of your website, expand, focus or develop your service or product offerings to best meet the needs or your target market.

Web Analytics can help your website to work to the greatest advantage that to achieve a good flow of internet traffic thereby help you to turn your visitors into leads. Analytics will help you to check in with your performance statistics regularly to make sure that you are e on the right track and helping your website to be in the best place it can be.


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