Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management


What is it?

Online Reputation management(ORM), also referred as rep management, online reputation management or ORM) is the trend of attempting to shape public perception of a person or organisation by influencing online information about that particular entity.

In a broader sense, reputation management aims at monitoring the status of an individual or a brand or service on the internet by consistent monitoring of the website.It also includes a thorough analysis of the addressing content that can potentially be spoiling the reputation and using customer feedback solutions to get feedback and warning signals beforehand that may hamper the reputation of the brand.Most of the reputation management fosters  on pushing down negative search results.Under business circumstances, reputation management is simply public relation in a broad way that attempts to bridge the gap between how an organisation or company perceives itself and how others view it.

Guide to Online Reputation Management

Why you need it?

The market is extremely competitive nowadays.Every day, every hour the competitors will be observing, analysing and trying innovative ideas to keep their status up.Even though your organisation has an excellent reputation for its service or product, people won’t hesitate to switch to a new brand as people has an urge for freshness in everything besides needing low cost.There are companies, who might be hungrier than you, working harder than you to gain a reputation for the same service or type of product you deal in.So if you give them a chance to win that, it will divide your target customers, and there is a profitability of losing leads.

So if you lack behind in emphasising in maintaining your online reputation through consistent customer feedbacks, keeping touch with clients through newsletters and promos and discounts, you will be losing a whole load of money that will switch the path to your competitor’s bank account. In this digital age, the websites are no longer static brochures containing information that readers will read and get what they want.

Regular interactions on social networks, sending newsletters and latest promos and offers to the email list are of vital importance to any business success in this modern marketing era. Whatever be the size of your business, the customers, prospects,  client or anyone, potentially, everyone who is talking about you matter a lot for the growth of your organisation.It has a direct impact on the brand reputation. If they are tweeting about your latest product or service,  posting a Facebook update about their consumer experience, or  leaving a comment on your blog, or you are up to the mark of latest digital marketing trends. If you consider skipping  this feedbacks, or if you think you can make it without taking into account people’s opinions, voices, and reviews,  think again.

How we can help you or your business?

Floating chip internet technologies is an organisation that deal with the ORM of your brand, service or company’s website. We have a specialised team for each of the strategy to fulfil the ultimate goal for ORM. We work in a smarter way with the collaboration of the R & D team who is always ready with a bucket list of competitors whereabouts and helps you with suggestions and most importantly builds and maintain the online reputation of your website for your benefit.

So, just let us know what service do you want.Be it creating your brand reputation, maintaining it or to bring it to the next level, Floating chip is the ultimate solution for all your ORM needs in Kolkata.

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