Email Marketing

What is it?

Explicitly, every email sent to a current or potential customer is a step closer to sales. The client should notice the Unique Selling Proposition to buy or to try your service and product. The entire agenda of Email marketing is aimed at generating revenue, building trust, loyalty, and branding


Why you need it?

Email marketing can be defined as the targeted marketing that uses email as a channel of promoting your products and services. Placing an advertisement on TV, radio, newspaper or magazine is no longer a profitable way to create brand awareness.  Advertising on such platforms of your product or service is not fruitful where you have neither control nor equipment to monitor the viewers. Email marketing gives you the leverage to control the viewers and the prospects. Prospects are transformed into potential buyers by segmentation based on income, demographics, location or any other data.

The audience receives content relevant to their needs. Email marketing allows customization of every email and message. The conversion rates from prospects to potential buyers become higher.
Email Marketing helps to increase Brand Awareness to a considerable extent. Customers get a picture of the business and the brand with every email received. Every email sent provides customers an insight into the exposure of your business and your brand as well. Simple pathway of strategic planning, clever design, and proper target allocation create immense value for your company. By doing so, your business, service, and product get a higher preference. The business stands a better chance of turning the leads to clients and eventually clients to loyal customers.

Email Marketing is easy to share.

Email marketing is one of the simplest and easiest forms of marketing to share. Just a simple click of a forward button converts your subscribers into brand advocates. The subscribers spread brand awareness by sharing your deals, offers, and news with their friends and relatives. Your brand gets more credibility as well as enough exposure.

Email Marketing can be monitored.

Analytics determine the success of a campaign. It is seen that most of the marketing channels only concentrate on presenting ambiguous and estimated results. Drawing accurate and valuable metrics is where email marketing stands out. The open rates, delivery rates, click-to-deliver rates, and subscriber retention rates are the valuable parameters which make email marketing the best part. The metrics are not just mere numbers and percentages but also insights about your customer behavior. Customer interest helps you make proper strategies in your next campaign. Information can be developed and ranked according to customer responsiveness by using an email marketing campaign as a tool. This would help you to target your next marketing strategy and topics of potential customer choices.

Email Marketing is very Cost efficient

The most appreciable advantage of email marketing is perhaps the negligible cost compared when using email to ROI. No postage fees, No print costs, no advertising cost. Email marketing is the most affordable means in modern marketing trends. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brings in $40 for every $1 spend. Thus, email marketing outperforms the display, search and other difficulties involved in social marketing.

Email marketing is growing tremendously due to digitization. Businesses, who did not consider email marketing before, are changing their perception. Measurability in terms of cost-effectiveness and appropriate aiming are the advantages of email marketing. Also, email marketing is shareable, credible, but overlooked by most. Efficient marketing advisors make the procedure straightforward and cost-efficient. Business benefit from email marketing due to the researched strategic approach, constant assistance, and a strong proposition.

We cover you from failures in business due to improper marketing strategies. Beginners and experienced business can engage with buyers like never before. Targeted email marketing ensures maximum service exposure.

If you want to build a relationship with your customers, email marketing is the best way. A personalized email is a popular action which helps in engaging customers and keeping you and the service fresh in their mind. You are prioritized whenever customer requirements come up.

Email marketing software ensures email marketing is executed with proper standards.  Emails should project content which meets marketing standards and connectivity with the purchaser. We are committed to assist you with Email marketing for instant and direct communication with shoppers. Since we offer wholly measurable strategies and reports, digital trust for your product or service is slowly built. Most importantly we take into consideration the timely delivery of service, the cost-effectiveness and ensure your business stands out.

Floating chip Internet technologies assist you at every stage of your email marketing campaign, with a fully managed service that includes:
Reporting & Analysis
Idea Generation & Strategy
Thorough Browser/Inbox Testing
Content Authorship & Wireframing
Execution & Send
Creative Design & Build


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