Conversion Rate Optimization

What is it?

In digital marketing, conversion optimisation, or conversion rate optimisation, shortly (CRO) is a way to increase the amount or number of visitors to a website that eventually gets converted into customers or takes any desired action on the web page. In simple words, CRO is a latest digital marketing tactic that makes use of web analytics as well as user feedback to improve the performance of your website. Conversion is when a visitor to your website takes any action that you want them to take.It can be anything right from creating an account with a login and password, subscribing to an email newsletter, downloading your app, making a purchase, or something else entirely. Whatever it is you want your visitors to do, this action is what you are going to measure and what you are looking to optimise.


How we can help you or your business?

In the current digital market, your website’s conversion rate is way more significant than a few years ago.Floating chip internet technologies is a digital marketing company in Kolkata and deals with a Specialised team of CRO professionals.

Reason 1. More and more customers for free. Since the motive of digital strategist team is to increase traffic to your website, this eventually gets you more potential clients and leads for free.You need not spend extra on advertising for the same goals.

Reason 2: The common internet phenomenon called “the slight edge” phenomenon. To be twice as profitable as your competitors, doesn’t require you to have to be twice as good as them. Just being slightly better. What you need is just to have a higher profit-per-visitor than your competitors do. Even a little increase to your profit-per-visitor can have an enormous effect on your business’s success and profitability.

Reason 3: Conversion rate optimisation makes financial sense.It’s because your profit is astonishingly impacting your conversion rate.Since you do business with ultimate motive of gaining profit, conversion rate optimisation is of vital importance for you. FloatingChip is the best choice for you in this regard.With us, you can expect maximum CRO for your esteemed organisation.

Reason 4: Conversion rate optimisation makes your business more robust. Although not much required but still, as your conversion rate increases, you can afford to advertise in other media online as well as offline which will eventually make your company much more robust. The best part to improve your conversion rate is, there’s an enormous advantage to being in the lead rather than lagging behind.If your competitors aren’t doing it already, they will be soon. So, Once you’re ahead, you gain money; if you are always playing catch-up, you’re losing money.

Floating chip covers the entire ambit of digital marketing. You can rely on us for maximum benefits.


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