Content Marketing

Creating the right content for the brand helps in attracting the customers as communication is necessary for any part of life.

Content is an essential and part of building trust as it acts as a catalyst for establishing a perfect reputation for the brand.

In this era of digital marketing, you have to make sure that your brand gets more attention from the customers.

Content is king. If you want to promote your brand and make it more visible, you should have quality content published on your website. A good content acts as a catalyst for building up the goodwill of not just the brand but also the company.

Since FloatingChip Internet Technology is a leading digital marketing and web design company in Kolkata, our experienced and laborious team of content writers gives their maximum effort in delivering the quality content to your website. We encourage the creative approaches in writing content which accelerates the growth of our client’s business.

The content writers demonstrate their proficiency by creating rich content which would certainly help your website to gain visibility. Our services cater to deliver a positive vibe and consistency across all distribution channels.
We strictly forbid the use of plagiarized content as we value our customers and focus on delivering the authentic content for our clients.

Content Marketing Experts Will Provide:

Unique And Rich Non Plagiarized Content.

Well Researched Content.

Quick Turnaround Time

Competitive Prices

We Target Our Customers Through Several Types Of Contents Which Include:

Attractive Video Contents And Guest Posts.

Off Page Blogs And Articles.

Sales Copy


Info Graphics

Social Media Posts And Captions

On Page Blogs

Catchy And Attractive Captions

Graphic Designing

Our quick and effictive service will help you to connect with your target audience easily. We have proved through our services that we are undoubtedly one of the dynamic platforms for even small business enterprises.


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